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 The practice of Sophrology combines several dynamics:

  • The implementation of body – Spirit techniques:

The sophrology uses techniques of relaxation, conscious breathing, visualization, Anchorage to enable the creation of new landmarks and new programming in the subject more in line with the essence of its being. It uses imagination as a tool for evolution and change

The Psychocorporels exercises (movements) combined with breaths and the development of the 5 senses allow the subject to rediscover his body from the angle of sensations, to have a better awareness of his body diagram and its equilibrium. His exercises also allow to release blockages, emotions, beliefs or ancient memories, to circulate the vital energy and re-harmonise the body on several planes.

The connection to the five senses allows to discover all the richness of a palette of sensory perceptions, and to experience more tangibly the pleasure of being more in contact with his body, in all its sources of sensuality and pleasures. By refining these perceptions, you will fill yourself with energy, essential source of life and harmony Spirit-body and other senses will awaken in you again (creativity, imagination, intuition, etc.) that will open you to life. You will discover your ability to better perceive the world around you and these new sensations allow you to explore your inner universe…

  • The experience of feeling lived in his body and in his consciousness by exploring the sensations, perceptions and feelings experienced during the session.
  • The awareness of the positive activated within oneself (peace, love, joy…) as well as the progress made between the sessions
  • The analysis of the experiences during the sessions, which allows to guide the training to be carried out between each session for the subject.


The philosophy

My approach is to be based on the qualities of heart and open-mindedness, empathy and benevolence in respect of each other’s beliefs and experiences. It incorporates the principles of quantum physics.

My interventions incorporate the principles and concepts of quantum physics and are oriented towards goals that take into account the human being in all its dimensions: the physical body and the consciousness of sensations, the emotional sphere and the Consciousness of the feelings, the mental sphere and the consciousness of the thoughts, the energy sphere and the consciousness of the vitality, as well as the spirituality and the consciousness of its existence and its essence.

 If you want to be touched by a new, wider, more dynamic consciousness, the sophrology will bring you a new inspiration on the elements, the men, the Earth and the universe. It will also allow you to be more aware of what surrounds you, and to be connected to this ability to constantly awaken to more possibilities, choices, and abundance in life. These sessions can allow you to reconnect to your unlimited potential and restore access and memory to the infinite possibilities of your being.

This philosophy consists in putting the phenomena of the usual life in parentheses, reinventing them continually in their meanings but always in contact with reality. To create new awareness in the body and the spirit to open up to the real possibilities of the consciousness of each one, unsuspected by the ordinary and the experience of the great values of existence.