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Become a certified teacher “Massage of the 5 continents”

So happy to offer you this fantastic experience together in immersion in a joyful atmosphere, communion, depth and action.

It is an honour to offer you this 4-day FORMATION of FORMATEUR in immersion that allows you to BE FORMATEUR OF the fabulous Massage of the 5 continents.

An invaluable gift to be a teacher of this exceptional massage and extraordinary moments during the trainings that will bring you as much joy and gratitude to you as to your participants.

These are powerful 4 days of learning, transformations, practices to become a Trainer – a teacher accredited by the International Massage Federation of 5 continents.

I welcome you in a joyful atmosphere, sweet, warm, enveloping in the energy of the heart.
The training I offer is action oriented with my energy that boosts, coaching for 4 days, a whole day around entrepreneurship, the management of your activities, the organization of your training, marketing – communication, your image, the commercial and financial approach to launch and expand your activities successfully.
I look forward to passing on my expertise of more than 15 years in coaching, coaching, communication and entrepreneurship to promote the expansion of your activities. You will benefit from all my expertise, my background in France and internationally in project and team management, communication, business, coaching. You will also benefit from my experience in group animation since 2004, as a practitioner and trainer in psycho-corporal approaches and then in energy. The keys I will pass on will help you build confidence in yourself and your abilities and take action.
I will also be present after your training so that you can achieve your goals and flourish 🤩
This training takes place in residential in a beautiful villa with garden, swimming pool on Aix in Provence.
We will meet more than 4 days from Wednesday evening to Sunday 7pm to fully enjoy the group synergy, live an unforgettable experience of communion and joy and allow you to receive as many teachings as possible and then be fully ready to pass on this approach.
All meals will be cooked with love and you will only have to come and drop you off for 4.5 days in a space to receive all these gifts.

Four-day training goal:

Learn the whole method of combining precise techniques related to a very important intuitive aspect.
Learn to lead training and learn the pedagogical techniques to lead a group and train practitioners Acqu
ire all the tools of a successful entrepreneur to deploy you in total ease: managing your activities, organizing your training, attracting customers, marketing – communication, your image, the business and financial approach to launch and expand your activities successfully.

Coaching for 4 days with my energy and expertise

At the end of this training and the practices carried out during the internship, you will be a certified teacher and you will be able to pass this method on to future practitioners.

Our mission with the massage federation of the 5 continents, in only 4 days of training is to be able to offer a real job as a self-employed, well-paid, for those who are passionate about this work, transmitting this wonderful care.

Choose me as a trainer, it means choosing a partner with whom you feel full of confidence who 🔸rele your tal
ents – abilities 🔸 perceives y
our full potential and knows that the expansion possibilities for you are endless 🔸
facilitates the activation and updating of your full potential now 🔸
strengthens your ability to know that you know and per
ceive 🔸 boost and promotes your move to action now 🔸
allows you to clarify , set and achieve your goals with concrete and measurable results.
🔸 You coach during the 4 days

If you know that anything is possible…. If you like to move forward in joy – ease and feel the call to go further, faster or higher with this training, contact me.

What is Massage of the 5 Continents?

It is a therapeutic method of magnetism and reiki combined with a very powerful, slow and deep whole body massage, which allows vital energy to flow directly inside the person’s body. It is a massage process connected to the internal healing energy of the person and the universal energy through which the vital force (kundalini) is gently carried up along the body and spine in order to release a large amount of this power into the heart.
This biodynamic massage process awakens natural self-healing processes by unloading bulky emotional memories as well as toxins.
Like psychotherapy for the body, it allows to allow a whole development to take place restorative and initiating, opening the memory of the body, gradually cleaning the old traumas and letting the energy of pleasure and life (libido) circulate freely.

This method brings an impressive physical and mental release.
It gradually restores great confidence and new vitality, regains self-esteem, a great sense of peace, joie de vivre and above all to harmonize the emotional burdens blocking our energy.
Preparations with sacred plants used in Ayurvedic and essential oils in this treatment are distributed proportionally according to the criteria of the phases. Tea, lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cypress, Ravensare, Niaouli, Sarriette, Ylang-ylang, Vetiver, Rosemary, peppermint, tangerine, Geranium and Ginger.

The massage of the 5 continents (M5C) has the ability to bring together in a synergistic way several techniques of the world combining massage (lomi-lomi, Californian, Swedish, Ayurvedic, tuina), aromatherapy and the energy of magnetism/reiki… 💕

The highlight of this massage is the combination of all these techniques in a rhythm and energy of the heart, which amplifies 1000 times its effects.
As love crosses its message in the world and to infinity, I am happy to share with you my passion for this incredible massage and to pass it on to you.

4-day training structure:

This training is intensive. There is a lot of information, in order to pass on all the techniques to be successful trainer and entrepreneur. I share a lot of coaching tools and I support you in the implementation of your training.

For more information, we exchange on the phone.

Duration: 4 days in immersion

Schedules 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


The price is 2800 euros. The price is set by the Federation to Massage the 5 continents including written documents and materials and then animate your training.

This wonderful immersion will transform you forever…

Residential accommodation – breakfast and meals house prepared with love in a beautiful villa: 600 euros

You will also receive a magnificent diploma.

Requirements: have basics in Reiki, Magnetism, Access Consciousness or any other training in the field of energy or touch

The number of places will be limited for better learning…

Teaching transmitted by Isabelle Girard, trainer approved by the International Federation of Massage of 5 continents.

Dates and locations:

– Aix en Provence from Wednesday 25 November 7pm to Sunday 7pm 2020

– Sausset les Pins: Wednesday, January 20 to Sunday, January 24, 2021

Why is massage from the 5 continents the best massage in the world?

The M5C, thanks to its own energy stemming from the unfolding and approach of its sequences, possesses the ability to bring together in a synergistic way several techniques of the world, combining massage, aromatherapy and the energy of magnetism.

➠ With a falcon, tiger, or dragon nails, the M5C immerses us in Asia rich in techniques like Shiatsu and Tuina, which through energetic meridians makes the body more balanced ➠ Con
tinuing with the techniques of Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, which means “unique/divine massage”, the M5C also offers “vague” effects of life that flood the whole body in a relaxing ➠ By way
of Turkish massage, where in the baths, with soap, specialists hang, catch hands and legs very energetic and dynamic, with a very effective and relaxing action ➠ The Ayurvedic keys an
d the crossing of the Chakras, transports us to India, where the Marma’s and energy points have their deserved place in the M5C ➠ Obviously ,
anchored on the muscular terrain and anatomical landmarks of the body, the M5C looks like a Swedish massage

The strong point of the M5C is the combination of all these techniques in a rhythm and energy of the Heart, which amplifies times 1000 its effects. As Love crosses its message in the world and to infinity, let us share our passion for the Massage of the 5 Continents through our hands and our hearts…

If you are interested in participating in these sessions, please complete the form below so that I can have all the elements to contact you again. We will exchange by email and then phone with joy.

Testimonials on my training:

Thank you again Isabelle you offer us magic and beautiful openings to a path filled with love of joy of creation … an opportunity to change our life course to make it even more beautiful more amazing glitter throughout the body.What a joy to have crossed your path … gratitude to you for being who you are and sharing your energy and love. Valérie

A big thank you to you Isabelle for these days of sharing learning beautiful energies and happiness .
Thank you for reaching my soul to bring it to you.
Thank you for this fantastic group where I met beautiful souls full of benevolence.
Thank you for allowing me to advance on my stony but full of hope and light.
I’m kissing you hard. Christine

Magical Isabelle THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR creating all this, for having transmitted all this, to allow all this Joy of Hearts to expand, again and again thanks to this wonderful massage….

2 voluptuous and energizing days in the discovery of this approach that promises beautiful experiences. I look forward to offering it to my future clients. All with the sparkling sauce of Isabelle and the contribution of a nice team. It’s just happiness. Annabelle

A huge thank you to you Isabelle Girard!! so good to find on his way little fairies that helps to make his own finds, which facilitates the borrowing of the true path!! 🤩🤩luring to give this fabulous massage is a real gift, the energy was superb!! it’s good for the soul thank you, it was wonderful!! Caro

“I recommend 2 times the Massage of the 5 Continents Formation
💎 This massage treatment is truly an extraordinary process of transformation, expansion and so much more!
The 2 days of training transform you and reconnect you to a feeling of absolute peace and well-being
💎 Trainer Isabelle Girard teaches us with total ease because she lives in the depths of herself fully the love and joy that this process spreads.
Caterine Initiative Well-being”

Gratitude to you magical Isabelle Girard for giving us so much during these 2 days and for these new adventures.Magic! Gratitude to this phenomenal group. Let’s create an even bigger future than we imagined. Odile

I have so much gratitude to you and your energy!!! What a wonderful training weekend!!! I vibrated so much, both while practicing and receiving that it really made me want to dive back into this wonderful massage, and go even further. Hélène…

You don’t need a passport to embark on the Massage of the 5 Continents with Isabelle.Destination… The Joy of Being… Ensured.Infinite gratitude to Isabelle, and to the wonderful group we created under her leadership. Catherine

Thank you isabelle for everything you’ve brought us. Your benevolence, your good humour and your knowledge. Thank you thank you thank you. Corinne Raiffaud

What a massage, what a fabulous experience to be trained in this massage of the 5 Continents, particularly complete, enveloping and deep. A great moment this weekend, beautiful meetings and once again confidence and gratitude to Isabelle Girard for her sharing of joys and experiences. 👐

superb intoxicating training…. with a cheerful, excited, fun I
sabelle group to make us travel as always..I wish you the massage. A pure happiness that gives the opportunity to vibrate ..To live!! Sandra Plazanet

Isabelle Girard thank you! The Energy was very beautiful, I felt superbly “accompanied”. This massage is a real wonder “to give” and “to receive” .What a beautiful find newly installed ds my toolbox of care! Great haste to pass on all this!! Carolina

Rebooted by this training. Full of energy and new projects in progress.
A pure joy to discover the power of intension, of energy,… of this fabulous massage from the 5 continents.Thank you to all the participants, to the trainer Isabelle Girard T
hat of beautiful vibrations😍 ✨. I wish you with all my heart to discover the power of this massage… Laetitia Vallon

France DOM TOM International

If you have any places to offer me to lead this magnificent training, I am listening to you 🤗

If you like my energy and want to be host/organizer for 2020 with the ability to bring together a beautiful group, contact me also 🤩😘

In the joy of giving you this gift, to meet you all over the world.

Heart to heart,

Isabelle Girard

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