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I invite you to join me for a group session of 45 minutes away. When?  Thursday 23 August from 21:30 to 22:15-remote This experience is an energetic session, a vibratory transmission by my being that you receive from home. The duration of reception will be different for each between 45 minutes to several days depending on people and sessions… This vibratory frequency transmitted by my care leads to a deeper connection to who you really are and to the activation of your full potential. It promotes greater openness to oneself, a return to joy, unity and freedom to be. More to receive, abundance, clarity and conscience… Everyone will receive what is right for him, beyond the mind. Energy knows what you need.

Are you ready to open yourself to the infinite possibilities and the expansion of your being and all its potentialities?

This remote collective session format is a different way to receive very powerful. You receive this energy in silence, beyond words. You don’t need a computer or call me. This is not a guidance with my voice or an event transmitted online.  It’s really purely energetic, without words, at a distance…. When I asked the question: how can I contribute more to create a different world and to have more joy on the planet? This session format was inspired so that I could connect with people all over the world in total ease… This energetic session is addressed as much to those who do not have the opportunity to come and follow my training in France, to those who know me and who wish to continue to receive these benevolent, joyful, expansive energies and those where we know that Anything is possible,. This easy, simple and free format for you and I seduced me, even if it is very different from what we are used to in this reality. On your side, you may as well be quiet, lengthened the day and time of your session as being on the move if you are busy at that time. You will receive differently, and just as much energy from the session. My transmission takes place in the kindness, the gentleness, the depth and the joy of the ❤ heart. Each will receive an individual session amplified by the resonance of the group.  The best attitude is to be open to receive, without expectation or projection when to a specific result or to put a particular intention to promote the total receive and open to the field of all possible. Take advantage of this moment to let yourself be. To participate in this session, there is no pre-requisite. No preparation is necessary. No need to visualize, perceive or feel anything during the session. You can even fall asleep.  Several collective sessions can be to live to better perceive, receive and integrate… Are you interested in this vibratory experience? What contribution can it be to you and your body, and to the planet?

It is a great pleasure and honor to be able to be this space that promotes greater openness to be to those who come to meet me and who are ready to receive.


Waouhhh what to say…. thanks gratitude…je do not really have a word so much it was powerful and revealing! A reconnection with my body, a lot of clearances on conclusion judgement limitation…. and ‘ I am ‘: To be infinite, light, power, joy, Money….. For short, it was a magical experience. Vibrating, revealing and I thank my body and I for making this choice infini🙂🌈🎉tely thank you Isabelle wow! What a pleasant session! Strong Sensation of energy in all my body, very powerful. I saw a bird fly away, another make pirouettes and sensations of big bubbly bubble wiggle in all the body, head… 🙏 Thank you Isabelle

Registration and confirmation of your place:

The price is 22 euros for this first edition… It will be enough to make your payment online (by credit card or PayPal) by clicking on the link hereafter called « Payment Online »: Payment on line to confirm your place, so it is sufficient to make your payment (only payment by CB or PayPal for this remote session « ). You will receive an automatic order confirmation at the time of payment from PayPal. (If you do not receive it, check the email address linked to your PayPal account if you have one and in your spam or promotions). The PayPal email will be your confirmation that you are well registered. . The entries will close 2:30 before the meeting is at 7pm on the day of the session on my side, I will send for the first a reminder email on the day of the session (on the email address that is attached to the payment made via PayPal or credit card). In any case, if you have made your payment, you are included in the collective session. In the days and weeks following the session, I am interested in receiving your feedback in relation to your experience (during and after).

Preparation and advice for the session:

I invite you to be rather calm and lengthened for this session. If you can’t be at home and you have activities that day, it works very well so you can also receive it while being outside and in motion. If you wish, you can even choose another time in the following days to lie down and connect to your session. If you are at home on the day of the session: path2

  • Ideally choose a quiet room, away from ambient noises, with a door that you can close during your workout
  • For optimum experience, lie down so that you can be completely relaxed and even if it happens to fall asleep

Create a quiet and comfortable environment. Take a few minutes to properly prepare the space for your session so you can fully enjoy your experience.

  • Install yourself 5/10 minutes before the start of the session and take a few breaths or an approach that relaxes you
  • Make sure all your phones are off or in airplane mode
  • Adjust the room temperature so that it is comfortable for you
  • Sift the lighting in the room
  • If you are not alone at home: Make sure you are alone in your room in the ideal place. Make sure you are not disturbed during your session.

Further information:

  • desire for growth or personal development: Although the curiosity to explore may be a motivation, it is always better if you are animated by a sincere desire for change and to walk through this experience. In this perspective, without being founded in any creed or religion, it is still a sacred approach.
  • Attitude of gratitude: Experience shows that people who have an interest in living in consciousness and who have gratitude for their lives benefit more from the process than people who are more inclined to blame the external world for what they Happens.
  • Letting go-taking attitude although it may be normal to have expectations, questions or even apprehensions, an attitude of letting go and trust in life is recommended to receive better.

NB: For people with mental health challenges or personality disorders, we invite you to consult your doctor and health care professionals to accompany you. This type of session is not for people with mental health problems or challenges. This session, like all those presented on this site, is confined only to the sphere of well-being and is not akin to any medical or paramedical practice.   In the joy of making you live this quantum energy experience from the depths of my being…. It is a great pleasure and honor to be able to be this space that promotes greater openness to those who come to meet me and who are ready to receive.

Isabelle Girard, the joy of being oneself





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