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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy


1. Who is the target of transpersonal hypnotherapy?

With the ever-increasing interest in spirituality, this new form of accompaniment to change has been specially designed for those who are engaged in a personal and spiritual journey. This approach makes it possible to address the problems common to hypnotherapy, while integrating principles of spirituality. To our knowledge, this is an unprecedented and unique process, bearing the germ of what we consider to be the future of hypnotherapy.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of issues that can be treated by hypnosis:

  • Weight loss
  • Smoking
  • Eliminating irrational fears
  • Prepare and recover from an operation
  • Accompaniment to healing in addition to conventional medicine
  • Release of bad habits (gnawing nails, etc.)
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Self-confidence
  • Mourning a relationship
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Experiencing abundance in your life
  • Improve performance at the professional level
  • Reducing anxiety and mental concerns
  • Stress management
  • Get Better school results
  • Control your Allergies
  • Overcoming Unexplained Infertility
  • Improve your athletic performance.


It is also possible to undertake a spiritual hypnosis process without having a specific problem in mind. Some people who feel "lost" or stagnating in their spiritual journey can benefit greatly from this process, as do people who simply want to progress on their path as a soul.

We believe we are at some point in the evolution of mankind where the spiritual dimension of the human being has every advantage to be taken into account in the therapeutic processes. As the expression requires, we are not human beings with spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings with human experience. It is from this premise that this new approach to hypnotherapy was born.

2. Solid Foundations: Our Consultants

In order to offer techniques of cutting-edge intervention of current knowledge in neurosciences, quantum physics and spirituality, we collaborate with two consultants. Daniel Mathebula, world-renowned author and lecturer is our spirituality consultant. For his part, Dr. Mario Beauregard, author of more than 100 publications in neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry, is our consultant at the level of neuroscience and quantum physics.

3. Role and commitment of the subject

One of the specificities of spiritual hypnotherapy, and that explains its efficacy, is that the subject is engaged at several levels in the process of change. A spiritual practice of self-hypnosis specific to his situation is taught to him and concrete action plans are planned at each session to facilitate the integration of the desired changes. Throughout this process, the subject plays an important role:

A) You agree to cultivate a spiritual practice of self hypnosis between sessions in order to optimise and strengthen the process of change that leads to the goal you want to achieve. A follow-up of this practice will be done at the beginning of each session. Lasting about 15 minutes a day, this practice will be taught by the therapist and the subject will receive a detailed instruction sheet.

b) You will establish, with your practitioner, a plan of action after each session in order to set in motion and in application new learning. This will facilitate the integration and keeping of a logbook is strongly encouraged.

c) You play an active role in the process during the sessions. It is a dynamic and interactive process where you participate in your process of change. So it's not just "lie down and listen to the practitioner."

4. Philosophy and foundations of spiritual Hypnosis

A) Evolution VS reprogramming

Hypnotherapy, in this perspective, does not aim to deprogramme and reprogram behaviour or an individual but rather to stimulate processes of growth, integration, unification and learning so that the individual emerges grown from his Experience. The result is that the challenges or problems are not treated as elements to be eliminated or erased from our reality to return to who we were "before" to have this problem. Rather, the approach is based on the fact that everything that happens to us in life has a potential for learning, for growth, an opportunity to discover itself more as a soul. Thus, the goal is not to return to whom one was "before" the problem. Instead, we use this challenge as a springboard in our spiritual evolution so that we are more ourselves, wiser and more mature, after solving the problem.

Illustration: For example, take a person who wants to quit smoking. If we simply make suggestions by "programming" the subject so that from now on it no longer smokes, the result would be in a surface change that could even be durable. However, this approach would not have created or appealed to the internal resources of the individual. The client would not have grown from his experience in developing internal resources that could have been transferable to other aspects of his life.

Thus, spiritual hypnotherapy takes place from a holistic perspective, not purely symptomatic. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible for a client to come up with a problem X but that the process will bring forth other aspects of his life that would need "adjustments" in order to solve the initial problem in depth. We could say that "change" is synonymous with growing in its entirety.

B. An approach integrating spirituality

Protocols and interventions are based on certain principles and concepts of spirituality.  We invite you to read them before your initial meeting:

At the first meeting, you will be asked to ask the questions you may have about these principles and concepts as well as to express if you have a different conception on certain points. This will allow your practitioner to adjust his or her interventions to your personal beliefs.

C. release of limiting beliefs

One of the central objectives of spiritual hypnotherapy is the release of beliefs that limit us in the knowledge and expression of who we are, as well as in the creation of the reality that we wish to manifest. Rather, we aim to integrate beliefs that emancipate, that open new horizons, that allow us to fully utilize our potential and that facilitate reconnection with our deep essence, with whom we really are.

A common denominator to any intrapersonal change is that there is a change in attitude or behaviour stemming from new ways of thinking and new emotions that arise from the beliefs of the individual or, if one prefers, definitions or interpretations of reality. Beliefs are the source of our experience as well as the creation and manifestation of our reality.

To fully understand, let's imagine a moment a person who has the following beliefs:

  • The universe supports me.
  • I'm safe.
  • I deserve to be loved and happy.
  • I am able to change and succeed.
  • Everything I need to be happy is in me.
  • There is no harm in making money and having plenty.
  • Change does not need to be difficult and long.
  • There is a reason for every thing that happens to me, even if I do not know it.
  • Any challenge or problem is an opportunity to grow and improve.
  • I have the ability to overcome the challenges of my life.

It is obvious to say that this person will demonstrate and experience a radically different reality from someone who has the following belief system:

  • The others are here to take advantage of me.
  • I can't trust anyone.
  • The person I am is not worthy of being loved.
  • I'm not able to change.
  • It's hard to change.
  • It is not acceptable to be rich and make money.
  • Those who make a lot of money are not good people.
  • The person I am is not interesting to others.
  • I'm stupid.
  • What others think is more important than I think.

In any problem there are limiting beliefs, beliefs whose vibration is different from the vibration of our deep essence and which prevent us from achieving the quality of life we desire. Spiritual hypnotherapy, using protocols and various interventions, is specifically aimed at releasing limiting beliefs and integrating émancipantes beliefs into your life.

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