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Reasons to conduct a session

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Spiritual hypnosis helps to encourage reconnection to oneself, unravel certain past blockages and release the potentialities so that they can be more in harmony with oneself and their deep aspirations. I propose several main axes of work: reconnecting with his soul, regression in past lives, the journey into life and spiritual hypnotherapy.

For what reasons do spiritual hypnosis sessions?

  • Reconnecting with his higher self

This session allows to develop its ability to enter into communication with its higher consciousness, to reconnect to its soul to access information and decode situations from a perspective of personal and spiritual development. This session offers tools and practices that allow everyone to develop their intuition to develop self-love, soothe their mind and release physical, emotional or energetic blockages. 

  • Regression in a previous life

Regression in one or more previous lives is not done out of curiosity. We ask the higher consciousness to give you access to a previous life that has a lot of influence on your present life, and that would be for your overall well-being to revisit either for:

  1. Understand certain karmic influences of your present life (karmic relationships, situations, illnesses or other).
  2. Release or untangle some blockages from past lives.
  3.  Regain access to certain knowledge or information of a past life in order to help the soul to progress.
  • Travel in the inter-lives

1. Connect with one or more spiritual Guides 2. Understanding our mission of life (contract of Soul) 3. Mourning process connecting with deceased loved ones 4. Understanding our Spiritual Nature 5. Meeting of our Soul Group 6. Receive advice on the professional aspect of our life 7. Receive advice in relation to our love life 8. Understand the origin of deep and unexplained feelings. 9. Receive advice in relation to the challenges of our lives, or repetitive patterns 10. Free himself from the fear of dying 11. Forgiveness of self and others 12. Understand the origin of certain health problems and stimulate a liberation process.

  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

It allows to integrate the spiritual dimension in the conventional hypnothérapeutiques processes takes into account the globality of the being. It can help you on many topics:

  • Self-confidence and trust in life
  • Self-love, presence to oneself and unity
  • Be centered  
  • Mental calming and stress management
  • Listening to the way of being
  • Optimization of emotional resources
  • Freedom of creativity and potential
  • Release of limiting beliefs
  • Awareness of the present moment
  • All important passages of life: loss of employment, conversion, separation or divorce, parenthood, maternity, expatriation, New project…
  • Better live her couple
  • Sleep Better
  • Concentration and Memory
  • Preparation for examination or competition, maintenance, surgery, or sports competition
  • Better pain Management
  • Support of families in mourning, accompaniment at the end of life
  • form, vitality and energy
  • Sexuality



For these sessions, preparation is very important because it allows you to cultivate an internal state of openness and receptivity for your session. The more you are going to practice relaxation, meditation or hypnosis, the more you will learn to let go quickly, soothe your mind and promote body-mind relaxation. This will increase your responsiveness and availability for the session. This will make it easier for you to access certain information again as you will be listening to your feelings, perceptions, sensations throughout the session.

It is also important to feel ready to live this experience as a maturation of the soul. Feel that it's time to move on and move on to a new stage in your life. Feel ready to change and be open to novelty. Some people may even feel that the time has come for them to live the life they have always wanted to live.

Experience shows that it is people who have an attitude of letting go of expectations, who cultivate a trust in life, who derive most from their experience. It is about cultivating the attitude of self-confidence and in life that we will live what we need to live to grow and advance on our way of life.


"Fundamentally benevolent, spiritual instincts are not taught. It reveals itself naturally if we invite him and offer him a safe space filled with love "

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