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Access Consciouness ® Access Bars Training

Objective of the Certified Training Access Consciousness Bars ®

This one-day course addresses all the basics of Access Bars ® and allows you to become a certified practitioner of this energy method.

  • Discover the philosophy of Access Consciousness ® and the art of the question 
  • Learn how to locate the 32 points at the head level and activate them 
  • Discover 3 Body processes
  • Receive 2 sessions Access Bars
  • Give 2 sessions of Access Bars
  • Become a certified Access Bar practitioner (a certificate is delivered to you at the end of the day, with a manual and a mapping of points)
  • Validate a day

Who is this day of transformation and training for?   

It is intended for all those who wish:

  • Free from the weight of the past, limitations, beliefs, thoughts and limiting emotions
  • Be happier, free, joyful, aware
  • Become fully the creator of their lives, take action and open the fields of all possible
  • Learn to give and receive a session of Bars to be able to practice with their loved ones and to interact with other people trained to live a more joyful and conscious life
  • Offer this method to their clients and develop a professional activity as a certified practitioner.
  • Become certified Bar Facilitator (= teach/train to this approach). You will need to follow three classes of Bars with 3 different facilitators and register with access 
  • There is no pre-requisite to register and participate in a day of trans-training Access Bars.

What will you learn from this training?

  • How to learn how to locate the 32 points and activate them easily
  • How to give and receive this approach  
  • How to transform your life and that of your clients by releasing beliefs, thoughts and limiting emotions, effortlessly
  • How to use the philosophy of access, the questions and the formula of clearing to create a more beautiful, easy and joyful life (without having to do years of study)
  • How to use 3 body processes to have more vitality and to free you from past traumas
  • To receive a day of memory releases and my facilitation
  • How to have an expansion in your life, more joy, choice and success by putting practice into action on a daily basis. This technique has transformed the lives of thousands of people in the world into 173 countries.
  • Bonus Isabelle Girard: How to use its tools to get the best results
  • Bonus Isabelle Girard: How to get to know and develop your business
  • You will be a certified practitioner of this approach at the end of the day.
  • You will also receive all the information to become Certified Bar facilitator.

What is the Access Consciousness method for Bars ®? 

ACCESS BARS is a subtle and powerful energy process that allows you to free yourself 

Beliefs, memories and thoughts that limit us in the knowledge and expression of who we are and in the creation of the reality that we wish to manifest. It allows us to open up new possibilities for ourselves and to constantly awaken to more opportunities, choices and abundance in life.

In 1990, the American Gary Douglas created the Access Consciousness program. It is a set of psychological and philosophical processes of development of consciousness.

The technique of the 32 points (Access Bars) is part of this program. This process has allowed thousands of people to transform many aspects of their lives and their bodies.

The process consists, in particular, of activating, by a soft touch, following a defined sequence, 32 points on each side of the head. These points contain thoughts, ideas, emotions, beliefs, memories and judgments stored in this life and in other past lives.

Activating these points makes it easy to release what prevents us from receiving and undoing the limitations we are willing to take away in the different areas of your life. It allows to dissolve limiting and repetitive patterns engrammés in the body and consciousness without our knowledge (memories of past lives, family or ancestral memories, collective unconscious, unresolved traumas, etc…)

Are you ready to reconnect to your unlimited potential? Are you ready for change?

How does the day take place?   

The day includes the theoretical basics and the practical implementation of the technique: Video: Presentation by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. Theory: Presentation of a complete dossier the basic principles of access Consciousness and all the explanatory schemes. Practice: Learning the 32 point Access Bars, what they represent and how to stimulate them (minimum 4 hours). You will receive two bar sessions and offer two bar sessions. The day includes a one-hour break for lunch.

Training venues and Dates:

  • 16 September in Marseille
  • 1 November in Marseille

What financial investment?

1 day: 300 euros for Europe

If you have already followed the training, the rate is 150 euros. Free for children up to 15 years old. Half price for children aged 16 and 17.

This is the international tariff established by the founders of Access Consciousness – this rate is identical in each country.

To become a facilitator, after this first training, you have to do 2 more identical days with different facilitators. The other two days are half price (150 euros for Europe)

For more information: isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com

To pre-register, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Looking forward to contacting you and then meeting you.

PS: You know someone who can benefit from this training? Share this message with him/her!   An experienced facilitator:

Isabelle Girard, Certified facilitator (Foundation), facilitator Bars and facilitator of the 60 bodily processes.

20 years in the accompaniment, 5 years of practices of access Consciousness, fifteen powerful trainings followed with the founders of access in the world. Follow my course 3 years I teach this group approach in Quebec and then in France now I have a lot of gratitude to be able to live this and contribute to this openness of consciousness on the planet.

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  If you are interested in participating or for any information, please complete the form below with the items below. At reception, I will contact you in order to exchange by phone or Skype with joy. If you had no news within 7 days, write me again isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com or call me 06 68 13 38 24. Thank you…







    (*) Required fields thank you for your understanding in case of a bug with the form, here are the items that interests me before our exchange to know you better and then register with Access Consciousness by mail to isabellegirard. Contact @ gmail.com. First and last name – address-Telephone – City and country-Date and place of the training you are interested in. What motivates you to follow this training? Do you have experience in energy care, meditation, hypnosis or related disciplines, on a personal level (as a subject) and/or at a professional level (as an attendant)? Have you already attended Access Bars? If so, with which facilitator and when? Have you already followed the foundation training? Other training with Access Consciousness? Can you bring a massage table if we need it or not? How did you hear about this class? Have you been referred to me? Comments or questions…. A big thank you for taking the time to pass on these things to me. I will contact you as soon as I can to exchange. In the joy of living together this wonderful adventure

    Thank you so much. I will contact you as soon as I can to exchange.

    Towards the joy of being oneself

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