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TM Energy Facial Lifting Training

Access Consciousness’s Energetic Facial Lift ™ is an incredible process that can reverse the onset of aging on the face and can create similar effects throughout the body. This approach was created by Gary Douglas.

Access Consciousness’s Energetic Facial Lift ™ is different from other alternatives, in the sense that it is softer, more delicate and easier for you and your body and 100% natural.

This technique is a process of affixing hands where more than 30 energies run simultaneously throughout the body, combined with processes to get out of the limiting points of view related to age, appearance, body etc. It’s related to cell regeneration. The results are reflected on the face and the body.

The benefits are numerous and varied according to the testimonials: vitality, glow of the skin, appearance younger and more relaxed, feeling of peace, decrease of stress and judgments on oneself, comfort and ease with his body and many other changes Yet have been reported…

By changing the relationship you have with your body, you begin to change the relationship you have with everything in your life.

Specific clearing processes are also used to deconstruct your considerations, judgments, beliefs, about your face, your body, your age and aging…

Access Consciousness’s Energetic Facial Lift ™ is offered professionally in spas, massage cabinets, anti-aging centers, cosmetic surgeons ‘ offices and wellness centers around the world.

This method, like all those presented on this site, is confined only to the sphere of well-being and is not akin to any medical or paramedical practice.

I offer this process in an individual session or in training so that you can become a certified face lift practitioner.

Certified Facial Energy Lifting ™:


  I am transputting this wonderful process into a day. In this training, you learn how to use the energies to lift and regenerate all your body, using a soft, comforting, soothing and nourishing touch on the face and neck. There is no pre-requisite. At the end of the day, you are a certified practitioner. You can offer this process to your customers and/or your personal sphere and make exchanges. Training objectives-learning the Energy Facial Lift ™ process as well as the verbal processes of clearing and deprogramming-experiencing a letting go and feeling your own body consciousness. -Enrich your energy tools for your customers, yourself or your loved ones. Programme the day includes the theoretical bases and the practical application of the technique in a friendly and benevolent atmosphere. Video: Presentation by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. Theory: Presentation of a complete dossier and all the explanatory diagrams.

Practice: Face lift learning. You will receive two sessions and offer two sessions. The day includes a one-hour break for lunch.

What financial investment?

The rate is 260 euros a day of training (rate set by the founder of Access Consciousness identical throughout France). At the end of the day, you receive a certificate, a course booklet and a board with the positions.

Location and dates:

Marseille, PACA Region: 1 July 2018

For any question: isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com

If you are interested in participating or prescribing, please complete the following form. I will contact you by phone and/or email.








    (*) Required fields thank you for your understanding in case of worries, please send me an email to isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com with the elements below in order to promote the quality of our exchange. Name and surname-Telephone-city and country-Date and place of the training you are interested in. What motivates you to follow this training? Have you ever attended an Access Consciousness training? Can you bring a massage table if we need it or not? How did you hear about this class? Have you been referred to me? Comments or questions…. A big thank you for taking the time to pass on these things to me. I will contact you as soon as I can to exchange. If you had no news within 7 days, write me again isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com or call me 06 68 13 38 24. Thank you…

    In the joy of meeting you and accompany you to change and the joy of being oneself…





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