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A big thank you to Isabelle for organizing this public practice. I am really happy that I was able to participate.

Very well received and immediately put at ease, this evening allowed me to understand the course of a session of spiritual hypnosis and also to make beautiful meetings. We feel very quickly confident to share and ask our questions.

This firm has answered all the questions I’ve been asking myself.

Thanks to this evening, I went to my first session with Isabelle totally relaxed and confident.

It was also an incredible experience compared to the messages that were shared during the live session. Thanks again for the beautiful moment you gave us. Benoit.

Thank you Isabelle for offering us beautiful experiences and beautiful encounters! I love coming to public offices. I’m always having a really good time tonight. It is an opportunity to meet new people, to discuss exciting topics about spirituality. And above all, I could see demonstrations of regression hypnosis such as you practice! A very soon!   Laure

I attended the firm on the inter-lives and I enjoyed this experience very much. The atmosphere that reigned was very relaxing. There is really a strong connection with the person under hypnosis. It is on that I will continue to participate in the other public offices, at least for the next two.  I’ve already signed up. LolyYami





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