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Testimonials and Shares Foundation CLASSES with Isabelle Girard

Since my last foundation class with Isabelle, I have received this energy of immediate updating of all my choices. It’s quite surprising when you’re used to self-sabotage, when you’ve gotten used to braking and shrinking to prove oneself to yourself how you are so victimized by this reality. 😂Je realized how easy it was to choose, to take action, to create and update everything you dream of having. Thank you Isabelle for this beautiful energy and space that you know how to create to allow everyone to recognize these abilities. Living a class, be it the foundation, the workshop Joy relationship, sexualness and all the classes you offer, it’s a real invitation to always choose bigger and recognize the unlimited being that we all are. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Aliny Tan Facilitator Access Bars in Ardèche
A huge thank you Isabelle for all these precious contribut😊✨ions I pursue with delicacy the immersion in this energy of expansion, joy, magic and sexualness to which you invited us during this wonderful class foundation!!!
Between the questions, the consciences, the clearances and the energy choices that I make to which are added the process exchanges, the readings + listening to videos, it is a merry firework of gifts as unexpected as irrational that Come at the speed of lightning with ease, joy and glory to allow an unprecedented integration of every moment at the cellular level wo🎆🎇🌠w how does it get even better than that? Anne, practitioner Bars

« After experimenting with the magic of Access Bars ® and this space of transformations, returning 🚷 in our past limitations 🔙 is a just unimaginable option! 🙃😊 choose more and more possibilities? Basically, yes 😀🎉 Foundation is a class that allows us to go even further 💫 and faster 🚀🎉 I lived my first foundation with Isabelle Girard in June 2018. What a pleasure to have chosen this class with her 🙏💝 💫 I am full of gratitude for all that she has offered to my children and to me 🙏💝 💥 Foundation is a firework where we explode all our limitations, in all areas. Money, relationships, body, family, sex, work… Everything’s going on! 👏🎊 ✨ and it is so easy thanks to the benevolent facilitation of Isabelle, her sparkle, her joy of life and her communicative smile 🙏💥🤸💃 4 days of pure happiness to allow herself to be who we are in totality and which we return more than transformed. Released, delivered 😋 🎶🤸🔆😊 📣 🌟 I loved it so much (the class and this chick from the future:D) that I chose to redo a foundation with her in November in Marseille 🤸💃 Yes! This will be his last foundation of the year! A wonderful Christmas gift to offer before the hour 💞 nothing will ever be like before after these 4 days 🤸 ✨ « Angélique Giraud, Facilitator Access Bars, Avigon » Everything moves at an incredible speed since my foundation class with Isabelle. I followed the class this summer with Isabelle Girard. What an expansion since!!! than transformations in all areas of my life. New encounters, clear and enlightened choices, sometimes also an internal chaos that brings glorious experiences… And again, I feel like a firework ready to implode in all its splendor and grandeur! Instill chaos to find yourself, and let it be the gift I am. An immense gratitude to Isabelle for her energy, her laughter, her accompaniment and the sharing of all the tools during the class. MERCIIIIII « Sophie, facilitator Bars, Bouches du Rhone I’m IN love with this foundation with you Isabelle Girard it was a revelation. All my points of view in relation to this class and in relation to my whole life have been transmuted into infinite possibilities. Wonderful facilitator you are. I will remember this enough and as long as the construction of my new platform is underway to create the life I desire. 🌹🌹🌹🌹 Aliny, Facilitator Bars, Ain a foundation class with Isabelle that’s all you see in the pictures! Changes that take place smoothly, a space of non-judgement and genuine benevolence. A lot of fun but also of the depth in the experiences and the exchanges! I came out of this class completely boosted, with possibilities that I had not envisaged before!  😘 Audrey de Castlenau, facilitator Bars Nîmes « making the choice to participate in a class is not just choosing to learn from the processes. It’s making the choice to participate in a human adventure, to make wonderful encounters.  There are no good or bad choices, good or bad times. The group you are going to make will be exactly composed of people who will be a contribution to your choices, to your awareness, what you need to clarify or deepen. Energetically the groups are composed with the/trice. facilitator You just have to choose and everything will set up in a fair way. I chose the energy of Isabelle Girard to participate in a foundation class. Her energy, her kindness, her joy and her way of bringing you to the deepest of you even in the sweetness that is her own. She makes this class A magical, miraculous moment. It is a real gift that is made to oneself and to its body to participate in its classes. His being is a real invitation to the choice of joy in his life! 🙏 Lugdivine Devrieux, facilitator Bars, Var I look forward to meeting you in Annecy Isabelle Girard to plunge into the energy of your classes… I have had the opportunity and pleasure to participate in several of your classes (Bars and foundation) your facilitation, your energy, your joy, your sweetness are a real contribution, a gift that allows us, if we choose to free ourselves, to reconnect with our joy Deep, to reveal us, to uncover us… Gratitude for who you are, and really anxious to live new adventures in Annecy in Joy, lightness and ease… Laurence Tardy, Bar Facilitator, Haute Savoie

« The class was a great moment: a beautiful energy; We all had our place at the same time, it was obvious. Commonalities, complementarity, envy, energy… all brilliantly animated by your beautiful energy Isabelle, your joy, and your sparkling side! Yes, it makes me feel at ease and I felt in the right place… I understand why I so quickly managed to keep the children and the dog.  It was a very nice class with you and very nice encounters! I love what we’ve created together! Céline, facilitator Bars Ardèche since the foundation, my body has lightened ´ about 5 kg and my ratio to the food has completely changed, more at all nibbles, much less quantity.. And all that naturally.. I ´ also released my relationship to sex and it 🎆🎇 fireworks, years of multiple therapies without great change and there is magic everything is new, new Moi😉 Virginia, facilitator Bars I got rid of my alcohol addiction from the first Day of the class. And what else is possible? My disturbing entities, back pain, limitations, have disparuuuuuuuues!!! The rocket sexualness that I became vibrate with happiness every second!!! A big thank you to all it is also thanks to you and especially to Isabelle Girard who cleaned my body on the last day! GRATITUUUUUUUDE!!!  XXX very soon after the foundation class, I met a man with whom I finally saw a relationship that blossomed and a sexuality like I had never lived before. I vibrate the joy (state that I did not really know) and I live life differently, more in letting it be. All other areas of my life have changed aussi…xxx Stella, facilitator Bars Follow Foundation with Isabelle, after you incarnate joy constantly and you perceive what you have always known but ignored. This is what brought me to do Foundation with Isabelle Girard Thank you Gratitude🙏 Josephine do not go there especially (humor), otherwise you take the enormous risk of transforming everything in your life with incredible ease. and an even greater risk to meet Isabelle Girard who facilitates all the changes you dreamed so much. and also to meet women full of grace and generosity brief do not go there (humor) Christina, facilitator Bars, Herautl

« A few days ago, several people asked me to share my experience on the Foundation class. One of them says to me, « It seems like this class is magic! » No it is not magic… it is extraordinary!!! What’s magic is you! In this class you will (re) discover your power, the being and the beautiful person that you are. You’re going to « only » relieve yourself of barriers, of the eyes of others, and of the own limitations that you inflict! Several themes are discussed in this class. For my foundation class, I chose the energy of Isabelle Girard. She embodies this joy that we all dream of being! These 4 days with her and your dream becomes reality 😁 She is this sweet power to accompany you on your way. It allows you to find your keys to your freedom, so that you (re) take your life, your choices in your hands and in consciousness! It offers several dates in different places so that everyone can be in the energy that corresponds to it. To offer such a class is the best gift you can make. After this class nothing will be like before! It’ll be even better!!!! Enjoy Your Life « Lugdivine Devrieux

Wonderful foundation with Isabelle Girard! My energy circulates intensely in my body more than jamais😇 even more conscious and awake. Sylvie me who no longer ate gluten and lactose because of intestinal problems that I had created myself at the death of my mother, this is what I have been eating for 6 months thanks to access consciousness and all the « tools » (access bars, energy processes, non judgments , formation « foundation »..) That I learned and set up that allowed me to « decreate » this trauma in which I had blocked myself. I found myself full of joy and being me. Gratitude to all 💆 Josephine the Foundation effect with Isabelle Girard (a month later): Finding girlfriends, my children are less aggressive and verbalize better… my distant cat is cuddling see even envahissant😉, unless it’s me 🤣🤣. « Be You and change the world » de Dain Heer makes all the sense. I’m happy 🌟💖😘 I’m watching the next effects. I also met someone… I love my life 💖💖 wow that changes already. XXX Nathalie, Facilitator Bars, Ain an experience at Vivre💖💖💖 it always moves for me after 3 months… And that of awareness and beautiful encounters Depuis🙏🙏🙏 Thank you Isabelle for your wonderful energy and your kindness 💖💖💖 to the pleasure of Te Revoir💋💋 Nathalie « This video allowed me to discover your joy, your smile, your good humour, and to choose to Sign up for my second Class foundation with you. 💐Je also wanted me to connect with this joy that seemed to me inaccessible….et everything is Possible💥, your facilitation takes us smoothly and lightly towards the depths of our being, towards whom we Sommes😍😍😍. Thank you Isabelle Girard « . Laurent Tardy, facilitator Haute Savoie I made the choice to live this class a few months ago in Annecy with Isabelle Girard and how to say…. detonating, liberating, expansive, merry 🎉🎉🎈🎈 ❤ ⚘ 🍒 Evelyne, facilitator Bars, 74 and I!!! 😂😂😂. Dismantling of the erroneous foundations and conscious construction of a powerful platform that opens me to more choices. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I lived it with pleasure this class with Isabelle. If you want to discover the secret of your all power and your ability to create the life you desire. This class is made for TOI🎉🎉🎉🎉 Aliny I recommend this class with Isabelle ✨ ✨ it will sparkle and clear thoroughly!  😘 Sylvie

 « Why did I make a foundation with Isabelle? After making my third class of Bars all of a sudden I wanted to make foundation, why I can not explain it with words, I had read nothing or listened to this foundation class. But at the time I didn’t see any class getting close to home, so I asked. And in the 3 days that followed I saw the announcement of the class in Marseille with Isabelle and there I said: great, so I registered 3 months before the class! I was already following the energy, which my body required without me knowing really well what it was. And yet a foundation class opened a month after near my home at 10 minutes. And yet making the car back and forth every day before would have made me give up my choice because fears were anchored. So I asked for heavy or light? All the answers were light to this foundation class with Isabelle, because I had asked for a class full of joy and fluency! For 4 days I had a tenfold energy without being tired and fearless with her back and forth by car! This was the class with Isabelle, 3 days of fluency and joy. Isabelle radiates joy and since then I live in joy! The mantra of access has taken its meaning during this class and in my life: fluency and joy! The first day I thought, but everything we do I already know! This is foundation what also knows is to recognize everything that you know and that you do not want to see. The body processes for me were important especially to the food bans that I imposed myself at a time in my life and where I remained blocked. Little by little I listen more and more my body and my life radiates. And I love to share these body processes! I chose to do a body class this year. After 3 days of foundation class, my body was even more energy boost! Every day I thank myself, I thank my body, nature, the universe, everyone of all the gifts that life brings me.  » Thanks again, full of gratitude to you big-boy « Josephine Dupont.

Inevitably, during the class it throws, both emotionally and physically, I am the proof alive! lol but I was there for that, and yet without putting any waiting, I knew I had to be there. The return to the new World… convinced that I am on the right road; Confident, active, in joy… The first few days in incredible energy! I wanted at all costs to have time for me to plunge back into the manual, read again, make me my mindmap… I have ideas that fuse,… These are tracks and energy nets launched! I am serene, without for the moment see the sequel! I want to take the plunge even more! Céline, facilitator Bars Hello Isabelle, you see the evolution that is going on in my life and so I wanted to thank you, among other people, me including Hasan, for this momentum that continues, and this energy that is growing, these ideas that fuse and many others Things. Thanks for these 4 days of foundation where I took time to integrate it but it vibrates enfin….et for this day of self-hypnosis that will be very useful to me because I useful moments of this one and it takes me more time to include in me life…. So thanks for all this and for your energy… continue…. Bizous message to share Nathalie B, PACA I wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Isabelle Girard who impacts and transforms all these women, men and children in the depths of their cells by her own style and energy so Radiant , so fun and expansive ❤ ❤ and that all of life comes to you with even more fluency, joy and glory for the sequel 💫 Eric, facilitator bars Thank you very much to our sparkling and wonderful coach Isabelle and to all the beautiful team of Queens of the Foundation. Thanks for sharing this during these four days. What would it take to be and create infinitely every day more joy and abundance with total fluency beyond the past at the speed of space!!!!! Soon to all… Martine Thank you for your magical presence at each during these 4 days and for sharing your beautiful energies. .. Immense Gratitude for Isabelle.. Thank you for being the beautiful person you are.. A foundation at the pinnacle. Sandrine, Var Isabelle, you vibrate yourself magic, joy and love and above all, authenticity thank 😊you very much for all that I have received. I feel like an unstoppable rocket. Sylvie this foundation class with Isabelle was beyond what I could have imagined. Isabelle vibrates and we give all the tools and the essence of access with such ease and ease. My cells have so vibrated and received. I took over my power and reconnected to my knowledge and abilities. Finished giving me wrong.. I feel boosted to the block, ready to be totally me without limit. And I chose to be a bar facilitator… Brigitte I am really happy to have met you. Thank you for these 4 days so dense, deep, joyful and for your presence that offers us this space to be who we are and to free ourselves from our chains of the past. Everything has become possible « Véronique Awareness Post Foundation (2 days later) with Isabelle:-> No longer seek to understand but live all that brings me joy. Choose to be alive!   Show Me what I am!  I approached a few customers with an energy even more positive and very access, because it resonates even more now. I have a salon this weekend where I have a stand, I will draw energy. Thanks again for all these great moments. Céline Isabelle, during a foundation class, facilitated a reconnection to my sexualness by clearing my digitizations, judgments and JAIL. We’ve learned six new body processes. All in confidentiality. 🙇 ♀ ‍ Lynda What a wonderful contribution you are to us! You can communicate to us your joy and your smile in order to reconnect us to our being and to regain our joy and smile. Thank you. Lugdivine during Foundation I started eating not only gluten-free and lactose-free. I continue… Last Thursday restaurant and I had fun with a tart tatin with Chantilly😲, during this weekend, I ate a bit of everything that had brought all the participants, even the Bavarian mousse cake on Genoese! Yesterday I ate fries at the restaurant and noon a flan! Wow!!!!!!! And no digestive problems when it lasted for four years!!!!!! 🙆tout this with demolecular manifestation, molecular demanifestation!!!!! Gratitude access, Isabelle Girard, all of you and me 😆 like this food problem I created myself a few years ago following an event, sequential system tripled folded would be for something?




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