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Personalized Training

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Personalized Training


Do you want to achieve specific objectives? With a serious commitment and a little personal discipline, you can set up a regular, autonomous practice that will allow you to make the changes you want. The services offered below are all suitable for:

  • Improve Your Health
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Change certain habits
  • Preparing for an important event
  • Make a personal or professional transition
  • Improve your performance (work, sports, music, etc.)
  • Achieve other personal goals – ask us if these tools are appropriate for your situation


1. Self-Hypnosis Learning (Duration: 2 hours)
During the first part of the meeting, your practitioner takes the time to discuss your goals to understand them well and clairifier them. He then teaches you a very effective self-hypnosis technique based on neuroscience research, as well as various exercises that you can perform in self hypnosis. The approach is personalized according to your own goals. The second part of the session is devoted to practice. You experience a short session of hypnosis, always adapted to your personal needs, which allows to install the state of hypnosis and to prepare the subconscious to the work that you will carry out independently. You also practice the technique so that your practitioner makes sure that you perform it in a way that will make the full benefit of it. Before you leave, you receive support documents for self hypnosis that you can use at home. These documents contain the essentials of the technique in order to allow you to begin your process. This session can be done in practice or remotely by Skype. Possibility of follow-up: For those who wish, it is possible to follow up their self-hypnosis practice after the initial meeting.  
2. Recording a Custom hypnosis MP3 (Duration: 1.5 hours)
Regular listening to a personalized MP3 is very effective and stimulating to make beneficial changes in your life. This approach can be done independently or in addition to the accompaniment by your practitioner, according to your personal interests and needs. It is not necessary to learn any technique or exercise, except listen to the recording at your leisure. During the first part of the meeting, your practitioner identifies with you your goals, your motivations and your beliefs. It defines the appropriate suggestions to promote the achievement of your goal in line with your values and personality. The second part of the session is dedicated to recording your MP3, live. You will experience your first listening as part of a complete hypnosis session, alongside your practitioner, while recording your personalized mp3. At the end of the session, you will be able to share your feelings and ask questions. You leave with your private session that you can listen again to strengthen the neural networks that you want to develop. Your practitioner will also give you tips on how to make your practice optimal and reinforce the changes that will begin to take place as soon as you meet. This session can be done in practice or remotely by Skype. Possibility of follow-up: For those who wish, it is possible to follow up their self-hypnosis practice after the initial meeting. Testimony:

The experience of a session with the recording of a personalized MP3 was most surprising! I did not expect to go so deep into me and so easily face a fear that I have been living for so long. First of all, the interview with Isabelle helped me a lot to open up, to go back in my memories and not feel judged by my fear. Her questions were all relevant and she was able to discern the essence of what I am living. She always checked what she understood and used my visual and verbal cues. This allowed him to create a really personalized mp3.  This session, with the recording of MP3, will remain memorable in my memory. I let myself be lulled by the words and felt totally confident. This allowed me to feel a real release of emotional energy contained, from my Heart center. The tears that came out were liberating and carrying a joy of feeling wrapped in the essence of my being. The sensation of being loved and surrounded by light helped me a lot to completely let me go to feel without judgment. I was able to realize that my fear was nourished by my own judgments towards myself. I would recommend this experience warmly to all and all… Thank you very much, Isabelle. Nathalie, social worker  

3. Self Hypnosis and personalized recording: The combined approach (duration: 2.5 hours)

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