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Remotely… as in person 

Skype_logoFor those who want it and depending on your experience, path and responsiveness, it is possible to conduct remote sessions via Skype: Symphonies of Access and other energy clearing sessions with Access tools.

In the comfort of your own home, you can safely make your interior trips. Contrary to what one might think, remote sessions can sometimes even be more effective due to the fact of wearing headphones when it comes to hypnosis session. The headphones provide the effect of hearing the therapist’s voice in the center of the head, which reduces the inner dialogues.

The session by Skype takes place exactly as a session performed in person. The protocols and techniques used are simply suitable for remote sessions.

To access the Skype testimonials, click here: https://www.isabelle-girard.com/temoignages-skype/

Technical Requirements

Here is a list of things you will need to do a Skype session:

  • High Speed Internet connection – we recommend that you connect your computer to your session instead of using a wireless network;
  • A good quality webcam – The webcam is directed to the top of the client’s body, including your face; If you are lying on a bed or couch, the webcam can be arranged in an angle, at your side;
  • Headphones with microphone, or equivalent equipment.
Choice of venue for your session:path2
  • Ideally choose a quiet room, away from ambient noises, with a door that you can close during your session;
  • For optimum experience, you must be seated or lengthened so that you can completely relax all the muscles in your body, including the muscles of the neck and shoulders; You can use a bed, a couch, a reclining chair or a chair with a high backrest so that you can relax all the muscles of the body;

Create a quiet, comfortable and safe environment

Take a few minutes to properly prepare the space for your session so you can fully enjoy your experience:

  • Adjust the room temperature so that it is comfortable for you
  • Sift the lighting in the room – while making sure it’s clear enough for your practitioner to see you on the screen.
  • Use an eye mask if you wish;
  • have handkerchiefs to carry with you so that you can grasp them, if necessary, without opening your eyes;
  • Make sure all your phones are off or in silent mode;
  • If you have a pet, make sure that it is not present during the session, nor can it disturb you;

If you are alone at home:

  • Make sure the range is off;
  • Do not light a candle because you will not be able to see if it should fall;
  • To not be disturbed during your session, consider putting a note on your door stating not to disturb you, except in case of emergency;

If you are not alone at home:

  • Make sure you are alone in your room;
  • Make sure you are not disturbed during your session – perhaps put a note on the door stating not to disturb you, except in case of emergency;
  • Remind other people in your home not to make a fuss over the course of your session.
Skype settings

By setting your Skype settings as recommended below for your sessions, you will be able to mitigate the risk of interruptions. Simply put your settings back to their original position after your session.

  • Put your Skype status to « Invisible » to make sure that no one contacts you during our session;
  • Open Skype and change your call settings in the following way:
  • Click on the « Tools » menu at the top of the page (for Windows 8.0 or 8.1, you have to go to the « settings » of the application, accessible in the Controls menu, by placing your cursor in the lower right corner of your screen);
  • Select « Calls »;
  • In « Call Settings » select « Advanced Options »;
  • Activate the « Automatically answer calls » and « start video automatically on call » options;
  • Press Save





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