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Energetic touch with essential oils

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The hands are the extension of the heart, it is through the hands that the light of the heart is transmitted.

The touch of the whole body, by channeling energies of love, allows to reconnect its unit. Egypto Essenes is an ancestral and sacred technique that combines the radiance of primordial energy, the strength of biological essential oils and the power of touch.

This multidimensional care allows each of many releases and reactivations of our original codes.

It is a sacred experience that promotes a balance on the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual level.

This treatment allows:

-Release tensions, blockages or past memories

-To encourage reconnection and return to oneself, to self-love

-Better balance her feminine and masculine

-Find the path of inner peace

It provides a deep relaxation and a great well being for the body, the heart, the soul and the spirit.


Testimonial and sharing:

A divine Encounter,

My name is Gilles, and like Isabelle, I practice egypto-essene care. We met at Marielle Blanc Montes, the initiator of this gift that was passed on to us.

Like everyone else I still have some « blockages » that prevent me from advancing serenely in the life that I have chosen to travel, and even if I know the protocol of care, it is always a joy to « bathe » in the regenerating love sphere that reigns during These « workshops ».

That day, life made Isabelle and I « found » together to share the care in turn. In total confidence I decided to go and explore one of my blockages, that of opening « The doors that prevent me from advancing », those linked to love… and I was not disappointed.

I don’t know if the words I’m going to use to describe what I’ve experienced will be strong enough or just right. What is certain is that Isabelle managed to make my mind totally let go. All my being was overwhelmed by a wave of gentleness and respect, so much so that I was only « aware » of half the care. Everything else happened in warm and soft hands, pass me the expression, of a goddess.

My heart opened for good and since that day I found what looks very much like « I Love Me », but not that. I have gained some confidence in myself, and where I dared not put myself forward, now I do. Since I am no longer afraid to love and be loved and I do not feel alone anymore. This is all that Isabelle has allowed me in a single care to « conquer ». I give thanks to life for this divine encounter.   Zen Atmosphere




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