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 Session for children and teenagers

– Traditional or holistic approach: from 7 years

Using relaxation, sophrology or hypnosis by integrating with children and teenagers, it is to enable them to reclaim their natural abilities.

From the age of seven, the child begins to be receptive to techniques using imagination, daydreaming and visualization. The child feels safe, because the work is done in his world with tools he knows well.

The goal in general to bring him a appeasement or a light in relation to what he lives. It also gives them tools to get to know each other better, to focus, to concentrate, to relax and to rejuvenate.

For children, the sessions are in general fun and enjoyable beyond the technique, there is also all the management of the relationship with the young person who builds on communication, trust, authenticity, play and sharing on spirituality if he is in demand.

My interventions are oriented towards objectives that take into account the child or adolescent in all its dimensions (physical, emotional, mental, energetic…).


The sessions take place in individual consultation. The first session lasts 1h30.

On this first appointment, I receive the child or the young person with one of the parents or both parents for about half an hour, which helps to understand both the nature of the relationship between parents and children, and the vision that everyone has about the difficulties of the child. She then goes on for an hour alone with the child/teenager with speaking time and session.

The latter will say at the end of this first session whether he agrees to return.

The duration of the following sessions will be set jointly (1h or 1h30)

As with adults, the following points must be kept in mind:

The results and rhythms of progression are different according to each subject and the evolution of the soul of each.

As with any person, it is very important that the child/adolescent wishes to participate, identifies the problem to be resolved and has a desire for change. Trust is paramount for effective intervention.

Main fields of intervention:

Get to know each other better

Become aware of all its potential

Learn to be fully present and listen to your hunches

Better manage stress, anxiety, fatigue

Learning to decode emotions

Regain self-confidence, assertiveness

Improving relationships with others, integrating into a group

Develop its concentration and encourage learning

Work on disorders such as hyperactivity, withdrawal, aggression or addictive behaviors and addictions

Improve sleep, food

Regain the joy of life… etc

The sessions allow the youngster to have a sacred space where he can confide and ask questions in relation to everything he can live or experience.






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