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With a rich international course of 20 years including 15 years in personal development as well as in short therapies, energy and psychocorporelles approaches, I offer today trainings, internships and individual meetings in France To invite everyone to the joy of being oneself, to be open to the field of all possible and to become fully the creator of his life!

Passionate, I facilitate the processes of releasing cellular memories and past lives, the transition to action and a return to unity, so that everyone can reconnect to its unlimited potential, to the joy and freedom to be.

Certified facilitator (CF) Access Consciousness ® (Quantum energy approach), I am a practitioner and facilitator of Bars ® (= trainer), facilitator of the Body Processes ®, of the Facial Energy Lift ™ and I also animate the 4-Day Foundation seminar of Access Consciousness ® and body classes with themes. 

I have also worked as a practitioner and supervisor in spiritual hypnosis of regression (past lives and between-lives), hypnotherapist transpersonal, Sophrologue, teacher in self-hypnosis and research scientist in neuroscience.

 City and country of interventions in 2018: France-Marseille, Hyères, Haute Savoie (Annecy).

Follow my activities and news on Facebook and channels You tube professional Phone: 06 68 13 38 24 Email: isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com

Training Rates:

Training Access Consciousness Bars: 300 Euros The first time-150 euros if revision in Europe-price fixed by Access Consciousness for Europe

Training Access Foundation of 4 days: 1400 euros/700 if repeat in the last 12 months in Europe-price fixed by Access Conciousness for Europe

Energy Face lift training: 260 euros per day-price fixed by Access Conciousness for Europe

Workshop Joy, Relations and Sexualness: 200 (instead of 225 euros) for the first edition workshop of ENERGY/Spiritual hypnosis: To be self, create your life and reconnect with its full potential: 150 euros a day with a manual and mp3

Group sessions: click here

Individual sessions (remote or in-presence depending on the process)-only on request.

Marseille/Annecy and remote all over the world

  • Symphonies of possibilities and clearances (remote or in presence): Consult me for rates
  • Access Bars, MTVSS, 60 body processes, Access Consciousness ® Energy Facial Lift: Consult me 
  • Energy Coaching/facilitation: Consult Me
  • Approach the Miracle Sud Language of the Subsconscient (method of Mr Korkmaz): Consult me

Information and pre-registrations:

To reach me more easily for a pre-registration to a training, please complete the online form corresponding to the desired training on my site with all your details. For a question or an individual consultation, I invite you to complete the form at the bottom of the page with a maximum of elements. If not, write me an email to isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com with your contact information: Surname First name, telephone, city and country, your career path in personal/business development, your needs or objectives and indicate to me the service you are interested in to promote the Quality of our exchange. This information will allow me to understand your expectations and your needs in order to be able to guide you better during our telephone exchange. I then resume contact with you at the earliest to exchange by phone or by email according to your wish. If you had no news within 7 days, write me again isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com or call me 06 68 13 38 24 Live. Thank you so much… Follow my activitiesmy YouTube channel Isabelle Girard, the joy of being yourself with videos-professional phone: 06 68 13 38 24 in the Joy of meeting you and accompany you to change and the joy of being oneself… Warmly, Isabelle Girard







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