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Who am I?

Route and transmission

Passionate, I have always had a great ability to realize my dreams, take action, and quickly implement what makes me vibrate. I am joy and movement. I love the novelty and the possibilities of creating magic in our lives and a different future in ease and joy. It is also all these energies that I give you as soon as we come into contact.

The opening of consciences on the planet, the creation of new unexplored paths, the creation of conscious relationships and the return to the joy of living in the world is what drives me the most and guides my actions.

I love life, movement, art, dance, music and live every day with even more awareness and possibilities. Today I also appreciate the stranger who always offers me more possibilities. Living with perceiving, knowing, being and receiving.

Since very young, I practice certain disciplines related to consciousness and intuition: meditation, sophrology, hypnosis, inner voyages and I studied very early the altered states of consciousness, dreams, energies, hypnosis and experiences of imminent deaths etc.

I started my professional life in France in communication and then very quickly as a consultant in personal development. I have worked internationally in the accompaniment and coaching of high potentials, leaders, students and entrepreneurs.  

I have managed teams and personal development programs in companies and in international universities of more than 1 500 people. I have also worked for several years in the field of coaching for change (leaders, students, job seekers), skills assessment, orientation and recruitment. I also lived in Central America and then in Quebec from 2013 to 2016. I have evolved and changed quickly.

My talents: To reveal the potential, to bring out the dreams, and to promote their realization by moving to action.   Guided by this desire since childhood, after several experiences in company and in personal development, I chose to realize myself more by orienting myself to the short and psycho-bodily therapies. I became a practitioner in sophrology and hypnosis. I also trained in clinical psychology, non-violent communication, full consciousness, Lise Bourbeau’s method and life coaching for several years.

Through the many meetings, lectures, workshops, therapies, practices and trainings, I made a journey that changed my outlook on life and reconnected me more to who I really am. This has developed some of my abilities, energy skills and perceptions especially from 2008.

Very quickly, I turned to new practices integrating the spiritual and energetic dimension. This naturally led me to form and accompany people with quantum-spiritual hypnosis and regression, energetic approaches (such as the reconnection of Eric Pearl,), quantum therapies of healing through the Heart (Love Energetics) , care Egyptian-Essenes, Shamanism… I have had great pleasure in accompanying many people with these tools towards a profound reconnection to the joy of being oneself and the release of limitations. 

I was also interested in aromatherapy (essential oils), floral elixirs, olfacto and food etc… 

From 2013 to 2016, I was in charge of a research project in Montreal with the International Institute of Spiritual Hypnosis and Dr. Mario Beauregard, neuroscientist. I also intervened as a primary practitioner in spiritual hypnosis and regression within the IIHS team and as supervisor of trained practitioners and in charge of certification evaluation. I also animated public cabinets every month and workshops in spiritual hypnosis « connecting to his life mission with self hypnosis ». Beautiful years to promote reconnection to oneself and the liberations linked to memories of past lives.  

In 2013, I had the pleasure of discovering the access Consciousness approach to the Bars. I propose sessions since 2013 and I form to approach BARS since 2015…  

Then I continued and completed my development with the advanced trainings proposed by Dain Heer and Gary Douglas The founders of Access Consciousness. It is with great gratitude that I am now transforming the 4-Day Foundation class, Access Bars training and body processes. These tools are simple, powerful, effective. They allowed me to complete myself and explore new spaces in connection with the fields of all possible. Thousands of people around the world have been able to transform their lives with these tools.

My approach encompasses the strengths and richness of all my learning and experimentation for 30 years and far beyond on other plans.

All these years of evolution have taken me to a liberation, a fuller realization of my being and a greater openness of my heart… This allowed me a greater reconnection to the field of possibilities and allows me to be fully the creator of my life!

It is a great pleasure and honor to be able to be this space that promotes greater openness to those who come to meet me and who are ready to receive.

  Pathways in the field of energy approaches: 

  • Access Consciousness Bars

Access Consciousness ® Personal path since 2013:-Class of Bars ® 2103, 2014 and 2015 France and Canada (French and English)-Class Foundation N ° 1-August 2016-class choice of possibilities (COP) with Dain HEER in Rome-September 2016-class the synthesis Énergét of being (BSE) with daint Heer-Stockholm POD-September 2016-class Joy of orgasm with Dain Heer-September 2016-Class symphony of Possibilities (SOP) with Dain Heer in Dublin-November 2016-class options selection with Gary Douglas-Vienna-Janie R 2017-Class Foundation N ° 2-February 2017-class to become « Certified facilitator » with Gary Douglas and Dain Heer-Rome March 2017-Class « bodily processes » with Kass Thomas to become facilitator, March 2017 and with Kaila Leung in August 2017-class Choice of possibilities with Dain Heer in September 2017-class of Facilitators certified in March 2018 with Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, Global Foundation April 2018. 3rd Class Corps with Haris Omanovic June 2018 and 4th Class Corps with Haris Omanovic in July 2018

  • Egyptian Care-Esseniens
  • DNA Activation and pineal gland
  • Quantum energy processes related to the connection to the heart: Love Energetics ® is an innovative care technique that helps to free energy blockages in treated people and increase their self-healing abilities. The heart is at the center of this quantum therapy. It is precisely this connection to the quantum field of the heart that allows to liberate the emotional nodes that are at the source of many disorders and illnesses. The Love Energetics ® protocol has been developed to harmonise some important energy points on the body and allow for progressive and lasting healing.  Love Energetics ® Quantum Therapy prioritizes the release of emotionally charged areas and thus generates the inner balance, necessary and essential to any healing. Several people describe the experience as a quantum leap in their personal journey. 
  • Reconnection ® is a process of vibrational elevation and acceleration of the path of life, which acts at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level. It would thus allow an exchange of energy, light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of « strings » (String theory: Simultaneous or parallel existence plans). This approach was created by Eric Pearl.
  • « Reconnectif Care » (translated from « Reconnective Healing ® ») is a comprehensive treatment designed to restore balance, in full respect of the person. Extensive scientific studies on the effects of Reconnectifs care show fascinating and different results from other energy care practices. These frequencies have a positive effect on the restructuring of our DNA.
  • Reiki (3 levels) 

Courses in the field of therapies and management:

  • Training:
    • Transpersonal Hypnosis, Regression hypnosis (past lives and between-lives), spiritual, hypnotherapy, transpersonal hypnosis, self Hypnosis
    • Sophrology, Lise Bourbeau, non-violent Communication, psychogenealogy, aromatherapy, meditation etc…
    • Life Coaching « Solution oriented coaching » – Solver approach (short therapy)
    • Training in Clinical psychology (2nd cycle)
    • Master Communication and Human Resources (MA) Ecole supérieure de Commerce (Bac + 5)

    Research and publications:

    • Author of a dissertation on optimizing emotional resources to tame stress
    • Project manager in neuroscience at the IIHS in collaboration with Drs. Mario Beauregard and Johanne Lévesque from 2013 to 2016
    • Research on altered states of consciousness and experiences of imminent death

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Recommended by Elle Magazine in 2018.  




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