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It is with great joy that I welcome you in this space of reconnection to the joy of being oneself and the freedom to be. My role is to promote, facilitate and reveal. My accompaniment works towards a deeper connection to who you really are and in activating your full potential.

The approaches and tools that I propose to you are addressed to all, both to professionals in the support relationship and to the general public.

They have been designed to facilitate a greater openness of consciousness and profound transformations to allow everyone to be more coherent with his being and to be fulfilled in the different areas of his life. Whichever approach chooses, my accompaniment/ma facilitation strengthens your personal power, your autonomy, and takes into account the globality of your being in all its dimensions.

Passionate, I facilitate the processes of releasing cellular memories and previous memories, the transition to action and a return to unity, so that everyone can reconnect to his unlimited potential, the joy of living and the freedom to be.

I use different tools that I invite you to discover on my site, especially the powerful method of Access Consciousness ® (Workshop Foundation, Access Bars, body processes, symphonies of possibilities), quantum Hypnosis and regression (workshop ) and group distance energy sessions. In the joy of meeting and creating tomorrow together…

The deep joy of the heart is a compass that tells us the way of life.

Isabelle Girard





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