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About Isabelle

After a course in France and international in personal development as a consultant, manager and coach, I chose to realize myself more 15 years ago by doing accompaniment with the short and psycho-bodied therapies then I Evolved towards holistic, quantum and energetic approaches as a trainer.

My role is to promote, facilitate and reveal. Through our meetings, I invite you to regain your personal power and become fully the creator of your life.   Passionate, I have facilitated for many years the processes of releasing past and cellular memories & opening up to the field of all possible. My accompaniment/facilitation promotes the return to the joy of life, the transition to action and a return to unity, so that everyone can reconnect to their unlimited potential and freedom to be. For this, I use my energy capacities, the benevolent welcome, the energy of the joy of the heart as well as powerful quantum tools.

Through the many meetings, workshops, therapies, and trainings, I have made a personal journey in depth for 25 years that has reconnected me more to who I really am. During this deepened initiation path, I was able to experience periods of awakening and experiences of very rich openness and revealing abilities and faculties in connection with the mediumship, the full consciousness, the connection to different planes and the Multidimensional.

 Today I enjoy life with a new look at the world, with much more joy, conscience, freedom and love. I rejoice so much of what we are in the process of being, creating and living and everything that is still possible…

I like to promote transformations and transmit a state of being, vibratory frequencies as well as simple and effective tools to allow everyone to be more coherent with his being and to be fulfilled in the different areas of his life with Ease.

At 41 years old, after a very rich course of 20 years of professional experience internationally, I offer today trainings, internships and individual meetings in Europe and in Canada to invite everyone to the joy of being oneself, to open up to the field of all the Possible and to become fully the creator of his life as:

  • Certified Access Consciousness ® Facilitator-4-Day Foundation Workshop
  • Access Consciousness ® Bar Facilitator and practitioner-Quantum energy approach to the release of beliefs and limiting memories-1 day 
  • Access Consciousness ® Body Process Facilitator and energetic facial facelift 
  • Practitioner symphonies of the possibilities of Access Consciousness ® to be even more connected to oneself and to the fields of possible.
  • Practitioner in Transpersonal hypnotherapy, traditional hypnosis and sophrology
  • International practitioner certified in spiritual hypnosis of regression and spiritual hypnosis
  • Teacher in spiritual self-hypnosis and animation of public cabinets (public demonstrations, group guidance) and events dating
  • Supervisor of practitioners in regression and spiritual hypnosis
  • Project Manager « Neuroscience Research »: Measurements of Neurobiological markers (QEEG) in spiritual hypnosis from 2013 to 2016: https://institut-iihs.com/recherche-marqueurs/
  • Senior member of the team of the International Institute of Spiritual Hypnosis from 2013 to 2016 in Montreal, supervision and evaluation of practitioners ‘ certifications
  •  Member of the Solution-oriented Coaching network (France)
  •  Member of the French Society of Sophrology (France)

Other qualifications and trainings:

  • Numerous Access Consciousness ® Trainings: Foundation, 3-Day body class, choice of possibilities, energy synthesis of the Being, Symphony of the possibilitésTraining of certified facilitators, body processes, joy of orgasm…
  • Spiritual Hypnosis, regression hypnosis, transpersonal hypnosis
  • Love Énergétics Care with connection to the heart
  • Esseniens Egyptian Care
  • Reconnective ® Healing (Eric Pearl)
  • Life Coaching « Solution oriented coaching »-solver approach (short therapy)
  • Sophrology (4 years old), 
  • Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis
  • Non-Violent Communication, listen to your body, Lise Bourbeau, psychogenealogy, essential oils
  • Training in Clinical psychology (2nd cycle)
  • Master Communication and Human Resources (MA) Ecole supérieure de Commerce Bac + 5

Research and publications:

  • Author of a dissertation on optimizing emotional resources to tame stress
  • Project manager in neuroscience at the IIHS in collaboration with Drs. Mario Beauregard and Johanne Lévesque from 2013 to 2016
  • Research on altered states of consciousness and experiences of imminent death

Follow my news, events: www.facebook.com/isabellegirardpraticienne

and https://www.facebook.com/isabellegirardfacilitatricedechangement/

chaine You Tube: Https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCenM20BrWemVafmzHND_N_w


Happiness is not in the events. It is in the hearts of those who live them.






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