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Research project: Neurobiological markers

This project, undertaken by IIHS, in collaboration with neuroscientist Dr. Mario Beauregard and neuropsychologist Dr. Johanne Lévesque, aims to measure what happens in the brain waves during a session of spiritual hypnosis.

It was with great joy and gratitude that I conducted in 2015 for several months in the research sessions as part of this project in Montreal… We are now waiting for the analysis and the results.

Jean Charles Chabot, founder of IIHS and I invite you to read carefully the information on this page and, if you are interested in participating, simply complete and submit the entry form by clicking on the link at the bottom of The page. We will study the applications and then communicate with you to notify you of the status of your participation. If you have any questions, never hesitate to write to us at recherche@institut-iihs.com.

The project

Advances in neuroscientific equipment have enabled, over the last few decades, to make interesting discoveries about the effects of different mental disciplines such as hypnosis, meditation, mental imagery, Etc.

2014-08-09 12.36.25Science now clearly demonstrates the effects and manifestations, at the level of the brain, of hypnosis and of a long-term practice of meditation or prayer (read in particular the research of Dr. Mario Beauregard).

Even though tens of thousands of people around the world have performed spiritual regression hypnosis sessions, especially since they have gained greater notoriety through the work of therapists such as Dr. Michael Newton or Dr. Brian Weiss, science has not yet systematically and thoroughly examined an important question: are there specific markers, at the level of brainwaves, associated with an experiment of spiritual regression hypnosis?

The brainwaves of Buddhist monks or Carmelite nuns have a particular profile during their periods of meditation and prayer. But what about the brainwaves of a person experiencing a regression in a previous life? Is there anything quantifiable in the brain during regression? What about when, in the inter-lives, a person connects with a spiritual Guide or other light being?

Search Camille

Terms of participation (project completed) 

Financial incentive – to thank you for your time in this research project, IIHS offers you the following financial incentives. What an excellent opportunity to live an unforgettable experience and contribute to the advancement of Science for a fraction of the usual cost:

  • If you have never done a spiritual hypnosis session with IIHS, you will need to do a first 2-hour spiritual regression session with the project manager to assess your receptivity. The Institute offers 25% discount on this session.
  • If you are accepted as a subject for the research project, the actual research session lasts about 3 hours. You will only be charged for one hour of session.

Video recording-The search sessions are filmed to support the search. The camera is very discreet but it is important to know that a video recording will be kept and could be broadcast in whole or in part. We are committed to respecting your anonymity if you wish. Book and scientific article – the ultimate goal of the project is to publish a book that will include some excerpts from sessions as well as a scientific article summarizing the conclusions of the project. In both cases we commit to respect your anonymity if you wish.





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