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Conduct of a session

[Et_pb_section bb_built = "1"] [Et_pb_row] [Et_pb_column type = "4_4"] [Et_pb_text] For the sessions of spiritual hypnosis (regression or connection), our meeting will usually consist of 3 parts: Part 1: History and Pretalk

This part starts with a dialogue. We discuss your personal goals, what leads you to want to take this step and experience it. This exchange will allow me to better target the exploration work during the session. In addition, by discussing the elements of your current spiritual practice (if you have one), I could adapt the approach used.

Then I will explain the process, what is hypnosis, what it is not, and your respective roles to have a productive and beneficial session. Do not hesitate to ask questions if some aspects are not clear. Part 2: The regression

After sharing your goals with me and now that the process seems clear and you have no more questions, you will now proceed to the actual regression. The regression usually involves the following phases:

  • Induction: a phase of development of the state of hypnosis and receptivity
  • Activating internal perceptions: To activate your inner perception abilities, the practitioner will guide you either in experiences back in memories of your present life or in various visualizations.
  • Regression in a previous life (or in the Between-lives): After activation, you will be guided in order to gain access to a previous life. If you do a regression in the Interlifes, you will first make a short regression in a previous life and then continue in the between-lives. A positive integration of the experiment is carried out at the end using various protocols and techniques of integration and release, as appropriate.

Part 3: Debriefing

After the regression, we will take a moment to discuss your experience. I could answer your questions and we will be able to deepen the links between your experience and your present life as well as deepen the learning done in your session.

For Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, the sessions take place in individual consultation. The first session lasts 1h30. We then jointly define the duration of the following sessions (1 hour or more depending on your needs)

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