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Preparing for a session

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132062 shell-surf-sand-sea-sky-Sun _ t An important aspect of the success of the session is the preparation. Here is a set of guidelines to help you optimize your spiritual regression hypnosis session.

I-Training and preparation

Hypnosis is like any discipline of the mind: Practice allows to live richer experiences and achieve better results. For this reason, I offer you free MP3 recordings of preparation that you can listen to your liking in order to begin to develop your abilities before your appointment.

II-Instructions for listening to preparatory recordings

After you have paid your deposit to confirm your appointment, you will receive two preparatory recordings for the inner spiritual journey that you will perform.

The 1st recording – titled "MP3 of Preparation", this recording includes exercises of relaxation and visualization, as well as suggestions to help you prepare for your meeting. We suggest you listen to it at least seven times before your appointment.

HD VisualizationThe second recording – titled "HD Visualization", this recording is designed to develop your skills to "perceive with your mind", to develop your ability to perceive with different senses in your inner universe. This is how you practice "seeing", "hearing" and "feeling" inside you. Neuroscience shows that the more we practice visualization, the more the neural networks strengthen and the more our skills develop. So there is no limit to the number of times you can listen to this recording but, just like the preparation MP3, we recommend that you do it at least 7 times before you meet.

Note that when viewing, it is not necessary to perceive clearly or strictly in a visual way. We can imagine and perceive with all our senses, even with our intuition. Just do your best to imagine, feel or perceive what will be suggested to you and it will be perfect as well!

Soundtrack – The music that accompanies these recordings has been created in a way that stimulates the Theta waves of your brain. This is the right state for free access to the memories of your past when the time comes for your session.

Location and listening conditions – you are invited to listen to these recordings in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Wear loose and comfortable clothes, turn off your phone and, if possible, sift the lighting so as to minimize the light on your eyes. You can also cover yourself with a blanket to keep you warm if you wish.

It goes without saying that this recording should not be listened to by driving a vehicle or performing tasks that require your conscious attention.

Listening time-You can listen to these recordings at any time of the day. At the end of the recording, you will have the choice either to fall asleep for the night, or to wake up to resume your occupations.

Effects of a listening session – it is important to know that you are not going to "lose consciousness" when you listen to these recordings. You will remain aware of your surroundings and will be able to perceive the surrounding normal noises. Some people sometimes feel that they are in a second condition, others may simply feel a sense of relaxation, heaviness or even lightness in the body. No matter what you feel during your experience, simply relax in the knowledge that your unconscious develops your abilities to enter the perfect state of trance for you, whether you are aware of it or not, in order to prepare for your session of hypnosis. It is normal to sometimes fall asleep but try, as far as possible, especially for HD visualization, to remain present to practice and develop your skills.

Mindset for listening – let go of all waiting for the process and any thoughts related to your daily life. Simply let yourself be guided by the recording and suggestions that are made, giving you permission to accept each of the suggestions that you will hear as being an accomplished fact, as being true. Trust your unconscious and let yourself go… simply!


III-Personal Preparation instructions for your session

Do not overload your schedule – it is advisable, as far as possible, not to plan anything too demanding for this day in order to arrive fresh and available to your appointment and to be able, then, to relax to properly integrate the learning and Discoveries you will make during your session.

Prepare your body – it is also wise to eat well and not to consume caffeine before the meeting so as not to interfere with the physical and mental relaxation necessary for the process. (On the other hand, if not taking your morning coffee disposes you, you can take it!) We also advise you to refrain from consuming alcohol the day before your session.

Prepare your mind – what are your goals for this session? Is there something specific you want to understand? Are there any changes you want to make in your life or aspects of yourself that you would like to improve? Despite the fact that some changes require a process of more than one session, it is possible to perform interventions in order to help you to progress towards an improvement from your first appointment.

Meditation and other similar techniques – any technique that promotes the relaxation of the mind such as meditation, yoga, sophrology, self-hypnosis, etc. Help to develop a conducive state and are advised to those who are interested in these practices.

Written preparation – Regression in past lives – if you regression in previous lives, you have no material to prepare. Your practitioner will take the time to discuss the process with you when you meet.

Written preparation – regression in the Interlifes – if you do the spiritual regression process in the interlifes, we remind you to prepare a sheet with the following information and to bring it to your session:-a list of 5 or 6 names of People important to you in this life, their relationship with you and 5 or 6 characteristics that describe them well (example: Robin – Brother – calm, generous, impatient, authoritarian) – a list of 5 to 10 questions you wish to ask your guides. Think of questions whose answers will help you move forward on your life path. These may be questions about your personal or professional life.

Written preparation – "Mission of Life" targeted process – for this process, we remind you to prepare a sheet with a list of 5 questions that are important to you and that you wish to ask your guides. Don't forget to bring it to your appointment.

Private Sessions – Please note that all sessions are done in private. It is not possible for a partner or friend to attend a session because their presence can influence your ability to enter into a trance, or may make you uncomfortable to share information of a private nature that may emerge during your session. However, all sessions are recorded and we will give you a copy of the recording during your session. You are obviously free to share the content if you wish.

UsbUSB Stick – This is why we remind you to bring a USB stick to your appointment. A copy of the recording of your session will be given to you.

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