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Wallpaper-nature-landscapes-water-falls-199What is the sophrology?

It comes from the Greek SOS harmony, tranquil, serene, PHREN spirit, conscience and LOGOS Science, Study: The Science of Serene spirit. It is both the study of consciousness, the art of being in body-spirit harmony and a philosophy based on existential phenomenology.

 It has as its main objective the learning of a new perspective on the existence in the relationship to oneself and in the relationship to the other. One could think of it as a pedagogy of the being of life.  It allows to acquire a greater awareness of oneself and its existence at different levels, to develop love and self-acceptance, and to unleash its potentialities. It is both a scientific method based on precise bases and a body therapy since it releases gently tensions and various blockages. It aims to regain an inner equilibrium with a harmonisation of the body, mind and spirit.

« It uses an original methodology and a set of techniques designed to positively mobilize the capabilities and resources that exist in every human being, thus aiming to strengthen the healthy structures of the person. » It helps to give birth to better possibilities for adapting to the new living conditions in society. Very widely used in the clinical and therapeutic field, the Sophrology today presents a social, preventive and pedagogical character « definition of the professional trade union of Sophrologues.

Its origins

Founded in 1960 by Dr. Alfonso Caycédo, a neuropsychiatrist, she is the fruit of her experience and practices. He has integrated oriental techniques of relaxation (yoga, Zen, Buddhism) with the knowledge of contemporary Western medicine (hypnosis, phenomenology…) to create in particular dynamic relaxation. The European sophrologues have enriched it using the psychoanalytical research of Freud and Lowen. In the years 1970, Sophrology’s first school was founded. Research teams are created around the world and sophrology becomes a discipline of clinical practice and teaching. It is practiced in many sectors (medical, social, educational, in-company…) and is addressed to each of the preparation at birth to the accompaniment at the end of life.

The sophrology is like a great journey to discover yourself and new sensations, which over the journey will make you feel and feel life differently with more joy, serenity and inner peace.

The extraordinary results accumulated since 50 years make in Europe one of the most complete disciplines in the authentic and balanced research of well-being.

In France the sophrology is a profession recognized by the state. Personally, I took a 4-year training course to obtain the title of practitioner in Sophrology.

« To know the sophrology is to know and understand others. Happiness is in you, and you will not find it anywhere else. For this reason, you must consciously experiment with your individuality, and accept yourself as you are, even if your desire is to change afterwards. You are a human being, a complete entity in yourself: a spirit, a mind and a body, all three closely related, and we must find a perfect balance between these three elements to be happy. « 

Dr. Raymond Abrezol





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