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Testimonials Remote Group session: Invitation to be

Waouhhh what to say…. thanks gratitude…je do not really have a word so much it was powerful and revealing! A reconnection with my body, a lot of clearances on conclusion judgement limitation…. and ‘ I am ‘: To be infinite, light, power, joy, Money….. For short, it was a magical experience. Vibrating, revealing and I thank my body and I have made this choice infin🙂🌈🎉itely thank you Isabelle Thank you Isabelle. This was an amazing experience. What énergie….au beyond words that yes… I felt my body flit and receive your kindness even a few days before the session. It’s unbelievable. And then again today I feel this love that you have in you in an extra way! Thank you. My day starts very well!!! Gratitude and what contribution are we going to be for the world through this energetic session? Wow! What a pleasant session! Strong Sensation of energy in all my body, very powerful. I saw a bird fly away, another make pirouettes and sensations of big bubbly bubble wiggle in all the body, head… thanks Is🙏abelle Hi, I wanted to give you a return compared to yesterday. Already infinite gratitude because my body sparkles. For the record, I had forgotten that it was yesterday. I was working yesterday at night and at one point I felt energy vibrating through my whole being. I felt full of love, generosity and gratitude. And looking at my mails I saw yours and I immediately realized that what I experienced yesterday was thanks to you. Wow, I’ll come back to you later for a SOP session. Beautiful day to you and still gratitude.   Thank you Isabelle for this great group session🙏.. Here are my feelings.. I had the vision to have an infinity of lives before and after this one.. Several bodies of my previous lives have regenerated with the vision of a gold body ready to have fun and party.. The feeling of being 16 years old in an adult body of 44 years Hasan

I felt your energy a week and a few days before D-Day. On the day I lay down comfortably and I turned off the phone at 21h20. A few minutes after I felt a powerful energy coming through my belly and activating the cells of my whole body. It was really amazing!!! I really felt your presence in my body I felt like I was in weightlessness. Calm, refocused, soothed, connected to everything.
I had my eyes closed and I could see two purple circles on white background it was very amazing.  I did not try to understand what it was and if it belonged to me. It was a long way away. In fact we were all connected. That’s what I felt. We were communicating by telepathy. Magic my body was vibrating immensely!!! As the beating of the heart X 1000 and in any😁😁😁 body I also pulled things through the crown chakra. Intense things. Thank you for that. We healed together; Near the session I got up I went out into the garden and the sky was an amazing color. It was purple… The clouds had special shapes. I think I had access to another dimension while having the feeling of being in the present. I stayed frozen for a few minutes like this…. Amazing when I think about it. It was really crazy and writing I still feel my Crown Chakra open and my body vibrate
The next day I felt that my body was really more centered, more confident, more connected to other things. And even today I feel that. This session allowed me to access other energies. To go further in my connections, let alone be limited.
Thank you for this expérience…il there is no word to express this sensation… thanks just for your contribution!!!

During the session in itself: I felt when it was individual on me, I perceived that I was receiving as a session sop, my body startled. I was also bathed in a stream of white light. Something happened at the plexus and diaphragm, an aperture. A lot of energy moved and intense on the left side of my head. This morning at the lift very badly to the head, need the Earth, return to the Earth… And it’s all right! I wish you a pleasant day, full of gratitude thank you again, I will keep you informed of the following Hello you! I took part in the session (3.30 pm at home!) and I must say that like the other previous times, J, began to feel your presence in the hour before the session. Pressure at some places to head and energy circulating more and more in my body. Then when the time came, I settled down with 5-10 minutes in advance to relax well and welcome the best. I felt the energy in me so much that my hands were sweating! J, saw beautiful pictures and J, completely released to receive everything I needed. Exactly 1h later I woke up because I heard very clearly 3 times the sound of a bell ringing. Afterwards, I felt a well-being and especially my ears that buzzed much more than usual. Look forward to seeing what life holds for me in the days that follow! With all my gratitude dear friend! Big kisses!

At the time of the appointment with the daily tasks, I absolutely did not think about the session! We were at the table and I realized that around 10:30 p.m. In the end to my surprise I realized that at the time the session started or just a little bit after a crisis of laughter took me to the table… It was very weird and abnormal as if it was a nervous laugh I couldn’t stop myself… And there I immediately made the connection I am convinced that it was the session that acted on my body. Since I feel that it is much lighter in my body and that I find joy and humour.. Things I had lost!

Hello Isabelle, with delay I share my feelings after your session. For me the week of the session was trying after the sudden loss of a friend buried on Friday. Although my thoughts were permanent I could observe that at one time the time stopped… Since QQ days I feel a beautiful energy and also several people have found me changed from the light sense. So thank you so much for these moments and for the pleasure of meeting you. Very nice end of the day. Good evening Isabelle Thank you pear this session. I can tell you that my body to reacted: gurgling and other, heavy hands at the end. I think I fell asleep at one point. Not easy to stay connected at times as if part of me was leaking. By writing to you this my belly reacted again thanks for your lovely evening generosity. Oh yes I felt at the feet also as if the energy was pulling me towards the earth. Small jumps in feet, and foumillements. My tinnitus was very deep. The feeling of sinking into my bed but as if I was floating. A remake Hello Hello, I wanted to give you a little feedback from yesterday’s session…. First of all, infinite gratitude to you for this beautiful idea and initiative…. MERCIIIIII So listen I felt like taped to my bed at first and then have the sensation of being awake and falling asleep, floating but all smooth and wrapped….. And then so wrapped up that I fell asleep…. To follow in the coming days…. MERCIIIIII again I wish you a nice and Sweet day




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