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Testimonials individual Session with Isabelle Girard

Symphony of Possibilities

« I did a SOP session with Isabelle Girard in order to offer me the opportunity to access total freedom. From the choice of this invitation to be more of me, all my being started on this path, so that on the day of the session, I recognized that there was only one space in which I did not allow myself to exist, or even to leave me the choice of this Lib Erté and it is to honor my femininity. After my SOP session, this field of opportunity opened and I received multiple contributions that allowed me to connect to my body, to others and to my creativity without limitations. The SOP energy was for me the removal of the blinders that prevented me from accessing the infinite possibilities available and above all, access to this choice of possible which brings me a joy of which I had deprived myself. Thank you for this huge gift!  » Amel

« Practitioner of bars, I had heard about SOP sessions and wanted to offer me one… I asked the universe for a person who would contribute to my life and Isabelle appeared magically! We quickly agreed to an appointment and the energies pushed me before the session. During the session, I was delighted to have trusted my feelings because Isabelle knows how to make you comfortable, she is a cheerful and amusing person, and we laughed while releasing the blockages. At the end of the session, I felt lighter… But it didn’t stop there of course! A month later I left a job that bored me to the highest point and without net behind (no source of income).. The Great leap into the unknown! But with this faith in life that the universe has heard my demands and will offer me the best for me. Since I made peace with my body (something I did not think one day possible)… The post-session was not always easy and I went through a big area of discomfort… But life has placed in my path people, aides who have contributed to my way of life. A big thank you to you Isabelle because thanks to you, I see clear and know exactly what I want in my life and commit to fulfill my dreams! « Natacha, PACA region

« Hello Isabelle, a return on SOP because it’s great. It works very well on me, the joy is there. I make everyone laugh and I have more fun… I’m thrilled! I even made a meeting, seeing how she’s going to contribute to my life. Soon!  » Vanessa, PACA region, practitioner Bars
« My 3 SOP sessions with Isabelle have been a real joy for my blossoming! They have spaced in time so that I can integrate every encounter and implement the changes in my life at my own pace. The changes and results were quickly visible to me. I could be and do things that I would not have dared before. These sessions allowed me to open up to receive more of life, to feel freer, to deploy professionally, to have more client and money and to be in an energy that allows me to attract to me more easily what I wish (meetings, friendships, support).
The session was very pleasant, sweet, cheerful in an unconditional reception area with the discovery of a new sensation in my body and my being during SOP. What surprised me most was the fluidity before, during and after the event session, Synchronicities and the ease that I had to make choices and create new opportunities. The energy of joy has become more present in me and around me.  » Sophie, Quebec
A big thank you Isabelle for your luminous presence, thy lightness of being, thy sweetness and thy power which have enabled me to find my own power and my sexualness! « 
Véronique, Wellness Professional, PACA

Since the last session of Bars, I have been able to observe very clearly a greater serenity, a greater confidence, a greater lightness. I now take life as it presents itself. What a joy! A big thank you to you Isabelle for your joy, your kindness, your inspiring advice and your laughter. » Caroline

Following our bar session, I felt a clean-up process snap into place to make room for the new goals in my life. There was a lot of movement, action and confidence that things were going to work out.  » Then very concrete changes appeared: moving into a beautiful apartment very bright, meeting my lover, financial gains as well as the launch of my new professional activities!!! Wow! Manon

Hello Isabelle, since the session, I have immense confidence in me and in life. It affects me in every aspect of my daily life and this, in an extremely positive way. I realized that everything was simpler than I thought and I listen much more to my instincts before making a choice that « itchy » me a little. What has taken the most place in my life, since the session Bars is trust. Alexia

After the Access Bars session, I felt more confident in myself and I have more confidence in life. I am ready to leave the environment in which I am and to start a new life more joyful and daring in harmony with who I am « Thank you Isabelle for your generosity, your shares and your energy that brings us to more lightness and reconnect with the magic of Life « .  Margot

« The first time I received this bar process with Isabelle, I didn’t know this technique at all. And that’s good, because I made a wonderful gift. I have been working in hypnotherapy, energy care and stress management for a few years. What this technique has allowed me to observe and add to the niche of my practice is that it acts systematically on every body of energy. The various points of support used during this work allow the body and mind to release its present and/or karmic emotional burdens without resistance. We all know what sometimes discourages us from letting go are our resistances. During the work, we feel free from the emotional mantles of the past. What an extraordinary feeling! Moreover, I was able to make another observation following this care, it is the fluidity of the energy that surrounds us. We have the feeling that our body is breathing! All in all, the Access Bars technique remains very effective, enjoyable and quickly we can observe transformations. Thanks to Isabelle for letting us know this approach, it’s a gift» Marie-Josée

I made two bar sessions with Isabelle Girard. The first time because I needed to move forward on a project that I was very keen on. I had fears that blocked me, a lack of confidence in me, I was in total inaction for months. The session took place in softness, discussion, comfortably lengthened. In the course of this, it was quite impressive. I felt a strong flashing of my eyes and bright flashes appeared like stars that Flash fast. I was fine and at every point bars, those flashes and flashes were reactivating in a very intense way sometimes. During the session I had a flash, a fetus in her mother’s womb, this picture stayed at this point, it was beautiful. In the following days, I felt a buzz. I who was in an inaction so far, I set up various actions on my project and others, I dared without fear. And really, I think those are the bars that are at the origin of this move to action because I felt in a different energy. Excited by this first session and wanting to get rid of my fears, blocking beliefs, I asked Isabelle Girard another bar consultation the following week. I wanted everything to go fast now and there, the bars offered me a way to advance on my path on which I trampled for months and months. The second session was very powerful, the blinking of the eyes and the flashes intensified. I felt in an energetic cocoon and very bright at once. I felt a pleasant state of relaxation and also fatigue at the end of the session and at the end of the day.

On the following days, I who were not in the creativity so far, many ideas have started to sprout. Every day I had ideas that emerged that seemed so obvious and consistent with my desires! The path was there simply. My fears and beliefs hid it from me so far. The confidence in my possibilities has also developed. I needed to dare, to go beyond my own limitations and the bars allowed me to. I would like to add (I dare) that this time, in the sitting, something extraordinary has happened. I saw the « birth » of the fetus (I fetus) and the integration of my soul into this fetus. A new birth for me in the coherence of my being had just been done… Thanks to Isabelle for these beautiful sessions, everything in sweetness, listening, an accompaniment with the heart that facilitates « work » in self-discovery. Thank you for these wonderful gifts.   Christiane





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