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102318 Love-SuspendedSophrology testimony

I made a first session of Sophrology following a period of doubts, as you can meet when you get overtaken by the events of the daily. Following this session, I was truly « woken up smoothly ».  My view of things has changed, and I felt soothed by finding my serenity. I felt an inner peace and my ideas have been clarified since this awakening session. Marie, 30 years old

I came to the very serene rendezvous with a hint of curiosity and perhaps a little skepticism at the thought of discovering the sophrology and the benefits that could ensue.  I must say that I was not disappointed: I came out with answers, which was the purpose of my visit, but paradoxically with new questions… On the first part of the consultation, I greatly appreciated the intellectual availability of Isabelle and her listening to establish a climate of trust. I felt at Isabelle a proven willingness to communicate a positive energy based on human values very close to mine.  I think the conditions were then met so that the initiation to the sophrology was a success. This practical initiation was then for me in 2 stages: 1) The first, based on techniques of relaxation in the extension of what I had been able to meet in yoga, brought me answers that could be sufficient to manage Some situations where the irrational would tend to prevail… I think that the success of the next stage has been built: on the one hand on Isabelle’s ability to manage the gradual rise of emotion to refocus the thought on the vision offered by the heart, but especially on the « cognitive convergence » that I was able to establish With Isabelle. 2) The second, therefore, could be akin to access to emotions of a previous life or be a representation of what I might call my « cultural genetic heritage ». The comments we exchanged at this stage of the session, always in this state of profound relaxation, have refocused on the triptych of Faith (in all its senses), light and tolerance. I was quite impressed by the fluidity of the exchange and the convergence of view.  This last point has, in my view, contributed greatly to the success of the session. In summary, I am convinced that this first session of Sophrology will affect my repository of thoughts. She has awakened in me a keen interest in this practice. To conclude this message, I would like sincerely to thank Isabelle for the investment and emotional intelligence she has shown throughout the session. I’m very grateful.   Jean Pierre, 50 years old

The sophrology was not unknown to me. I asked to take over the sophrology for a professional well being, during the preparation and the culmination of my diploma. This art allows to put a lot of things in place, be it private, professional, sentimental, everyday, problematic. Personally, I would never thank enough the sophrology and the talent of Isabelle; This allowed me to put my order in my doing for work, to get my diploma but also to improve my private and sentimental life. Still today I use some techniques. I particularly liked the kindness, the sweetness of her voice and the means used by Isabelle to remember goals, goals to expect. I know I’m going to go back to sessions in time. It’s a need, a personal blessing! Thanks again. See you soon. Anna is 24 years old.

Following a difficult sentimental breakdown and an excessive professional commitment not recognized by my partners, I experienced a period when I could no longer take a step back, to be objective, and to move forward. I was convinced I was right and I stayed on my positions… So here is what « state » I was led to meet Isabelle Girard. First of all, she has been able to use an essential quality in the light of my situation: listening, listening and listening. To not hide anything during this same period I was consulting a psychologist to help me to advance and understand my situation because I had the deep feeling of being used and I was just sinking into this nightmare. Personally I was not convinced of the work done with the shrink except a better knowledge of myself. I didn’t want to leave it at that because I still had my worries in mind. So I decided to intensify the sessions with Isabelle and especially to follow her advice! This was for me a new approach to life and a new vision of myself! In a particular session where I let myself be guided by her voice, she offered me an anchoring exercise to soothe my mind, because I was constantly rehashing my work problems and my sentimental disappointment. Well, I can assure you that since she taught me this technique, every time I think of these two problems (love and work), I feel a soothing on my forehead and like a voice that tells me what to do to be happy and no longer think about my PR Oblèmes!!! What I can tell you today is that you have to try and open up and judge for yourself. I say a big thank you to Isabelle because since our sessions, I was able to rebuild myself, learn a lot and follow a methodology that makes me move forward... Jacques, 38 years

I used the sophrology because I felt tensions in the back and psychologically something was lacking in my life (I did not know what exactly). After a full check up, the sessions helped me to remove my blockages, my fears, my brakes and all the « negative energies ». It was for me as a liberation and a renaissance. I really liked this very nice method linking felt and visualization that freed me from my blockages. I left myself guided with confidence. Thank you for your commitment, your kindness and your efficiency. Flora 34 years old

I was looking for a method to help me because I was very stressed at work. I couldn’t find a balance between my personal and professional life. I was advised the sophrology. During the first consultation, Isabelle helped me to define a goal for my sessions because I could not find out what was putting me in this state. We worked on how to better manage my emotions to tame my stress at work. I learned to breathe well, to relax my body and soothe my mind. These sessions provided me with a great well being and a great relaxation, as after a restorative nap. Over the course of the appointments, I felt more and more light compared to my concerns and I regained confidence in myself.  I really liked the sound of Isabelle’s voice that soothed me and gave me a feeling of security. At the end of the sessions, I feel serene at work. I was able to speak and assert myself, which opened up new opportunities for me in the company. I take a step back and I am calmer on a daily basis. And I found a balance in my relationship.  I am now listening to my emotions and I dare to express them. I will continue to practice and give me regular moments of relaxation to maintain this calm and serenity. Nathalie, 41 years

« A joyful heart allows to create around oneself

Always more light and renewal « 





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