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Customer Testimonials After meeting: Results, observations, actions

Isabelle, almost two weeks after we met, I can say that there has been a lot of magic that has happened in my life. I feel in full heart opening. Being in this opening I live full of synchronicities and I learn to receive. I am connected to the present moment in a more conscious way, it is not just a spoken word, it is a feeling more and more present. I also have a stronger confidence in the face of myself and the situations I live in. But I know that there is still room for greater openness. I had some beautiful moments of grace last weekend that made me realize that our meeting is currently taking me on a path that I have been seeing for several years. I’m pursuing in that direction. I still integrate what I experienced during our meeting and I know that there is even more to come. Good to see you again. Francine

Isabelle, since our session, I feel different. Looks like my state of consciousness is calmer and more open. I feel more and more that there is a part of me that is in contact with something bigger and I am increasingly trusting this part of me. I feel that she speaks to me or inspires me by sending me ideas that arouse joy in me. This joy seems to be enough for me. It seems that I am less and less in a situation of expectation and productivity. Living in « the moment » makes a lot more sense to me. There is a letting go of this way of life that regains confidence in « living » and I realize that this « life » is me. She expresses herself through me, through my joy. It sounds very simple as a realization but I feel that I live my life differently. I am more at peace and more satisfied in general. I am having trouble finding the right way to explain the change but I feel there is one and having difficulty expressing it is perhaps even positive! It is like a nature, an obviousness that does not need explanation or justification to exist. It is and it is all and enough. 🙂 Thank you. Daniel B.

  Hello Isabelle,

Thanks for the follow-up. I’ve been listening to the session three times since. I have made connections with the ocean scene; In fact, water is part of my life now. I have been drinking about 2 L of water a day since we met. I had an unconscious block that was untied during the session. My apnea is linked to one of my ways of dying in my previous lives which, obviously, was by drowning. Without wearing my camera to breathe, my partner confirmed that my apnea was very minimal compared to the pre-session. I know that time and my personal work will finalize the work.

As for the observed changes: the inner calm more present, I experienced a professional event yesterday that asked me a « stress » performance! (ultimately useless). Once the review of my files was done, I « let go » by trusting life and dropping my stress.

I really felt a connection with new people…. This is the connection we were talking about so it feels good! Another feeling at work, I am happier to be at the office by the acceptance of the people who surround me as they are (0 judgement/prejudice against them).

For the implementation of actions towards the information received, my goal being a more direct connection with « Me »/ »My Guides », I intend to go further in meditation having tasted the way my guides speak to me. Thank you for your approach. In fact, we do not know the impact of your words when you are in a trance, but your way of guiding me impressed (by listening to the MP3) by your distributed and your way of conducting the session.  Bravo. I continue on my side to assimilate all this, to meditate, to follow your precious advice and the time come, I cédulerai another meeting to go further. Very soon.  Charles André

Hello Isabelle, how are you? I am writing to give you some feedback on our first session. A year ago, I did a hypnosis session with you.  The reason for my visit was that I couldn’t get pregnant naturally and I was thinking maybe I had a blockage. After a session full of emotion, you told me that it often took nine months before things were set.  Last spring, I came back to see you, because my husband and I were trying an IVF cycle.  This cycle was without success.  To my surprise, last September (9 months after our first session) I became pregnant naturally! Your « prediction » of the nine months proved more than just in my case. I wish you a Merry Christmas time. Annabelle.

Hello Isabelle, so here, since the session, I have immense confidence in me and in life. It affects me in every aspect of my daily life and this, in an extremely positive way. I realized that everything was simpler than I thought and I listened much more to my instincts before making a choice that itchy me a little. I started talking again and sincerely thanking my guide (or guardian angel), before I went to bed. I have no questions that have arisen since then, because what has taken the most place in my life, since the session, is trust.

At the level of the changes: first, I arranged with my company to have my weekend of free which will allow me to meet with my family. Then I also opened the door to what could become a more intimate relationship with a man. In fact, it’s a funny coincidence (even though I don’t really believe in randomness), that it happens to me at the very moment when I realize that I have to give way to that in my life. In short, I only withdraw from the positive of the session. I feel better in my skin and in my life.  I never thought it would be so beneficial to me. Thank you for offering this experience.  Alexia

Hello Isabelle, thank you for your kindness and guidance during our meeting. This one still marks a beautiful step in my personal development. I really liked what I felt and saw in this first session and I wish to go further next time out of curiosity especially, concerning the physical death, the kindred souls, the guides and the Angels and many other things still. Since our meeting, I have focused on my project of innovative business and respectful of nature and men. Everything is little by little and I continue to experience the things that have been revealed to me intuitively or in sessions with practitioners like you. Recently, I had a lucid dream in which I managed to speak to my guide by remembering what I had seen during our session. It was intense and very beautiful and I look forward to learning more during the next lucid dream. A teaching I draw from our encounter is the total confidence in life, in the universe and in us. Because nothing ever happens at random, every experience is wanted so that we continue our evolution in the best possible way. So every day I continue to live according to my feelings and what really suits me and I notice positive reactions and changes within my entourage.

The time to realize my project, I do what I like: I started to create pouches/small handbags designed from old clothes and accessories that we do not know what to do. This allows me to show that everything is creation and can be remodelled to infinity. That we can do a lot with what we already have instead continue to produce and consume endlessly. I plan to visit Montreal soon and will not fail to return with you. In the meantime, I will send you news of the progress of my project and I also wish you great experiences for your personal advancement:) Good to you, Suzy.


Hi Isabelle, I hope you’re okay? I’ll give you some news. For me, evolution has been immediate. Let me explain: I finally understood that the connection was in me… since I communicate with my guides by my heart while accessing their plan. I have remade dreams awake for the heart.. It’s strong and well I think it helps in the healing of cellular memories…. they are talking to me about the families of souls since my guide touched me two words during our session. He said that I must be in total connection with the heart of each of those who are around me. For now here is the news of the consultation we had. Franck (Skype)





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