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I’ve done a connection session to the higher Self with Isabelle. I live in Brussels, so this session was held by Skype… with the same comfort as if Isabelle had been by my side. Before the session I still had some apprehensions which quickly dissipated:-Will I be safe and well accompanied? That’s right! Isabelle’s guidance is very sweet. It was my first session so the unknown is sometimes scary. However, with the headphones on the ears, Isabelle seems to be next to us as if we were in her closet. The session therefore takes place in the most complete serenity, the Exchange is permanent. -Is Skype going to be reliable, is my connection good enough? Here too, no problem. Everything went very well: the image was good, the sound also and Skype allows to make adjustments that allow Isabelle to recall automatically in case of break. In the latter case, the patient’s Skype automatically picks up and the camera also turns on automatically… So it was a successful first session :-)I now work the recordings before moving on to the second session! Thank you Isabelle for this accompaniment. Catherine-Brussels

First session connection to the higher me by SKYPE with Isabelle on August 21, 2014. The session worked very well. 

My situation, at that time was completely blocked, everything I organized was not working, I could not earn enough money to live, my car did not sell, my landlord did not want to renew my lease, The association I set up fell into the water, I had no energy and cried often. I programmed a first session on August 4th that I was forced to cancel the apartment because of the Skype session. I had listened to the preparatory recordings for the session and it did me a lot of good. 10 days later, I dreamed of the hypnosis session with I. Girard and this was very positive. I woke up in my dream and in reality in great shape. I was finally able to find a place to do a session on the 21st. After the session I felt immediately well, I felt full of love, of this infinite love that a whale passed on to me during the hypnosis session. On the 22nd, I put on sale my car on a website, two hours after a person calls me and buys the car on the 24th. Many other things happen, I earn some money with my work… On the 26th I send an email to participate in an internship to meet the Orcs on Vancouver Island, I have an answer in the hours that follow, there is still a place! The internship starts on September 2. On the 28th I find a plane ticket to Montreal where my niece lives. Departure on August 30th from Marseille with a night in Montreal and arrived on 31 in Vancouver, airplane, bus, ferry then I find two participants in the internship in Victoria. My return to France is in a month. I plan to spend ten days with my niece in Montreal and I take an appointment with Isabelle to explore a previous life at her firm in Montreal. Everything happened very quickly, I am happy to have lived these moments of happiness with the Orcs, to have been able to make beautiful meetings and to have been able to unlock my situation. On September 24th, I had my session where I was able to explore a previous life and receive a lot of positive things. Since I have some awareness. I feel like everything is going very fast and I decided to live happiness. I thank Isabelle for her kindness, her very respectful guidance, her softness and her professionalism. On the 26th, I attended a conference of Jean Charles Chabot who brought me many elements of understanding then Isabelle ensured a group guidance, very strong connection experience.

My life has changed a lot since the first session! Thanks also to Isabelle for the follow-up after session.  » Véronique Jaques





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