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Testimonials Workshop Joy, relationships, sexuality and Sexualness

Isabelle, it’s crazy the suites in the workshop!!!! Libido and sensuality up, 🎉crazy transformations in my way of being in my « relationship » with my companion. I chose not to be in judgment in relation to him and C is immediate I🎁🎁 perceive immense lightness, fluidity and joy that I no longer connected bcp with him 💫Gratitude.  Sophie

Isabelle, it was a very nice day,,,, I’m ‘ reboosted ‘ and intends to stay,,, this is part of my first choices that I have not yet finalized,,, I will keep you informed of ‘ evolution ‘… I thank you for your welcome, your joy and for who you are..
The internship has already taken effect as early as the same evening.  I have a man for your next Access workshop in Annecy,,, this is my spouse,,,,,, Miracle!!! Thanks for everything… Thanks Martine
Thank you very much Isabelle for your great generosity!
Thank you for your dispatch and all the leads that you give us to accompany us in the process of opening to so much larger of ourselves!
I have hands, heart and spirit to the dough. I have so much to explore with what I have received (many, many) and to set up my choices. It’s just exciting. I have much to do as I enter the given tools… And I’m only at the beginning! And I organize myself with all this novelty in my life.
Gratitude for all these gifts.





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