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Training – Become a practitioner  LHL Life Head Lift

It is an honor to offer you this 2-day training together in the heart of you even in total connection with your body. 

The LHL is the new exceptional massage treatment of the 5 continents, combining aesthetics and well-being.
The first unique treatment in the world, treating the whole body and aesthetics in one treatment!

These are two powerful days of learning, personal and practical transformations. At the end of the training you become a practitioner of the LHL (Life Head Lift). I welcome you in a sweet, warm, enveloping atmosphere in the energy of the heart. This practice can be done in a personal or professional capacity.

What is LHL?

It is the first treatment in the world that treats both the facelift and overall health in treating as the head.
Receiving a facelift massage directly will do great good for the skin and will have an anti-ageing effect, but its duration will remain limited, if the terrain has not been prepared before.

The goal with LHL care, is to work upstream on anything that prevents energy from flowing properly, releasing the emotional, traumas embedded in the body, reshaping the whole material, the part of the facelift then has exceptional effects.

In one treatment, there is a head massage, as well as Craniosacral/from Cranial Osteopathy, Chinese massage, Derwiche massage, Japanese, Aboriginal and Indian anti-age massage. Eye yoga, promoting improved vision, combined with EMDR techniques, facial yoga, shiatsu, Gi-gong, techniques from different continents and cultures working on all organs just by stimulating reflex points on the face. There is also age therapy. And to finalize the treatment, with revolutionary techniques of drainage and modeling of the oval of the face and refinement of the neck.
The skin is linked directly to the brain by neurotransmitters, working with all these massage techniques, we awaken the consciousness of the body and organs.

1h20 of pure happiness to allow to engage its cellular renewal and reconnect to its true essence of life.

An elixir with preparation of essential oils and plants from the latest aesthetic research, is applied for much of the treatment and causes a rejuvenating and improving effect of the skin, phenomenal.

What are the benefits for you, future LHL practitioners?

– Be trained in a technique in only 2 days and concretely be able to practice already after the training,

– Cost of training, much lower than what exists. (10 times lower than the same training with all these application areas.)

– Educational materials with 6 very detailed video protocols, 60-page training manual, with more than 100 photos, allowing to be efficient to succeed in the correct transmission of this treatment.

-Have the opportunity to offer a new service, a new brand, that more and more institutes practice successfully.

– Referencing LHL practitioners with geolocation, in order to be easily found, when a client is looking for an LHL therapist to receive a treatment.

The ingenuity of the course of this care and with the pedagogical structure, fact, that it can be very quickly integrated and applied directly on patients.

LHL is the first aesthetic and holistic treatment in global health, which gives the opportunity in just 2 days of training to have its own job afterwards.

The course’s objective:

Learn the whole of this method bringing together precise techniques related to a very important intuitive aspect.LHL can be practiced in the office by therapists/practitioners or in private in a family and personal setting.

At the end of this course and the practices carried out during the internship, you will have the complete teaching to carry out this treatment, of course hours of practice will be needed afterwards in order to integrate as much as possible everything that has been learned.

Structure of the 2-day training:

This internship is very intensive, there is a lot of information, in order to transmit all the techniques to be, well able to carry out this method.

You will have an extremely well-detailed video training material that has been included in the training fee, which is essential to have after the training, in order to be able to better practice and revise correctly, everything that has been taught during the Internship.

Duration: 2 days

Schedules 8:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


The price is 570 euros

This includes teaching the method for 2 days, pedagogical materials with 6 very detailed video protocols, 60-page training manual, with more than 100 photos, allowing to be efficient to succeed in the correct transmission of this treatment.

You will also receive a magnificent diploma.Teaching by Isabelle Girard

Dates and locations:

– Marseille: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 July 2020

– Annecy: Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30, 2020

– Marseille: 5 and 6 September 2020

– Marseille: 17 and 18 October 2020

– Marseille: 9 and 10 January 2021

If you are interested in participating in these sessions, please complete the form below at the bottom of the page so that I can have all the elements to contact you again. We will exchange by email and then phone with joy.


Choosing to participate in an LHL training weekend with Isabelle means being welcomed with your whole being by a conscious, committed person, with an energy that invites you to surpass yourself, to see beyond what you thought possible. Isabelle is Joy, Generosity, Commitment, Life. She transmits this training in a profound and light way, a lot of releases through laughter for me, is attentive to everyone without judgments, and has this facility to generate and expand a group alchemy. Not only do you leave with this wonderful process that is the LHL at the end of the 2 days, but also boosted, lightened and ever more engaged. Evelyne Bastard

Isabelle is a great trainer of the LHL. Connected to the heart, it transmits its energy. with his joy, his benevolence, and allows us to learn with ease. Not only is this treatment pure happiness but this training with Isabelle filled me with joy. From the next day I was able to start giving the LHL. Odile Dabzol

What a fabulous trainer. After the massage of the 5 continents, it is with joy that I regained his energy for a Weekend filled with fun, benevolence, releases. It is much more than a training, it is a real connection to the heart, to feelings, to personal developments. All these transformations are multiplied by Isabelle’s energy. Thank you for everything you offer us. Go with Isabelle. Laetitia Vallon

There are life-changing encounters, 🌟🌟… Isabelle Girard is part for me of these magical encounters that make that nothing is like before….. 🌈🌈It started during the training in Marseille at the Massage of the 5 continents where I experienced something crazy in terms of energy with my partner Pauline Blondel 🔥🔥🔥.Since I feel my wings grow, an incredible energy that never leaves me, a joie de vivre for no reason it pulses, it petille!!!! I feel instopable!!!!!And then the genial LHL training🤗💞🥳!!!!!How does it get even better than that?!For all this: Thank you Isabelle and to everything soon for even more fun new adventures I feel !!!! Peggy 🍾😊🧚 ♂️😇💞Bisous

A weekend rich in practices that were passed on to us by Isabelle Girard, the LHL to receive… sweet, powerful, ecstatic a pure happiness of relaxation and detox Thanks for your energy, your joy so communicative !!!Laurence Belot

More than just training !!! In addition to a wonderful massage technique created by Olivier Hosperger, these two days were joyful, magical, 🧚 ♀️🌟🙏intense emotionally, physically, spiritually!
Isabelle’s energy is of a gentle power that diffuses in the energy of the group. I made such beautiful encounters of souls ….
Thank you Isabelle for this and I hope to very soon for new adventures to continue my transformation.

🧚 ♀️🌺☘☀️✨💕

Laure Bongianino

A Delicious Formation.From the moment we register we know that we will receive an effective joyful expansive teaching to create even more!
It’s a whole group of Delicious People who start again boosted to broadcast the LHL created by Olivier Honsperger Thanks Isabelle Girard for the exceptional quality of your training. Caterina

I would simply recommend following the training of Isabelle, an outstanding trainer, with a punch and a will to hell, not to mention the joy of life. Everything I needed to match my state of mind, in which the present moment is the one and only moment to live as if there were no more.

Exactly what we experienced during this LHL training with Isabelle S❤️ylvie Monteil

What an intense joy her 2 days of training with Isabelle Girard. Discover and form an exceptional care accompany and guide by a young woman who radiates like a sun full of life, joy, music, laughter …
She trains us every time to go out of our limits and let our children’s soul explode and sparkle without any judgment and each time the group enters its universe it’s just magical⭐️
Again Thanks sparkling Isabelle

See you very soon for even more happy adv🤗🧚🏻 ♀️🤩🥰💖⭐️🥰😘❤️🌼entures to have been there to celebrate the 💯🎉🥳🍾🥂🤩

Patricia Jund
a magical meeting for the two days of LHL training with Isabelle Girard who opened me even more to the space to receive, thank you for these 2 days of teaching🙏 the energy you exude in the respect and joy that you have brought us .💖

Thank you for this wonderful innovative care process and an energy lift that makes us even more radiant 💫💖

Djamila Rey
2 days of extraordinary training with Isabelle🙏🌈. Joy, lightness, liberation, laughter, benevolence…
Lots of fun to receive and offer this sublime LHL treatment.
Thank you Isabelle for what you allow, what you transmit 💞🌹
Everything is possible!

Gratitude for this LHL treatment.

Laurence Tardy
An extraordinary weekend. Isabelle shares us without counting. She carries us with her kindness and joy.
If you have to learn the LHL especially do not hesitate it is with it that you have to go.

Thank you for everything🙏💜♥️🌹🎉

Corinne Raiffaud

A magical meeting for the two days of LHL training with Isabelle Girard who opened me even more to the space to receive, thank you for these 2 days of teaching🙏the energy you exude in the respect and joy that you have brought us
.💖 Thank you for this wonderful process of innovative care and an energy lift that makes us even more radiant 💫💖😍 Djamila

Thank you Isabelle Girard for your highly contagious good humour! 4 training with you in just 2 months, I never get tired, every time we blow up all doubts and we open new doors! Not to mention the magical encounters.A cocktail of happiness. Madeline.

Day with great energy.. wow too well… a powerful group … Gratitude to Isabelle and the !!! group Evelyne

Gratitude Isabelle Girard and the whole group for these 2 days intense, magical and so joyful Magnificent training and sublime massage, powerful, liberating… ♥️ Laughter, joy, power, liberation, benevolence, unity, gratitude, exchanges, brilliance… 💥💞🙏…
I’♥️ Laurence T

Awesome! Magic! Explosive! Gratitude Isabelle Girard ♥️ Sophie

Heart to heart,

Isabelle Girard

06 68 13 38 24

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