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Workshop Joy, RELATIONS, sexuality and SEXUALNESS

I offer you workshops joy, relationships, Sexualness and sexuality to open yourself to an even more joyful, CREATIVE, EXPANSIVE, orgasmic and sensual life!!! Are you ready to receive everything? Are you ready to live an orgasmic life? Would you like to attract people with whom to share relationships that feed you? Live a thriving sexuality?  How do you create a relationship that works for you? Are you sure you want one? What would it take for you to have communion with yourself and with the other? Expansion, Joy, Abundance, sexualness, contributions in your projects, fulfilling relationships in your life…. That is the program. This expansive and joyful day with the bodies allows you to give and receive 2 new body processes of access Consciousness in connection with joy, sexualness and sexuality that you can then practice and offer to your clients as a practitioner or your Entourage. The workshop will take place from 9am to 6pm/6.30 pm (arrival at 8.30 am) then we will continue with a sharing evening in an elegant place with swimming pool, next to the beach in Marseille around a glass and fine tapas with Cook until 10pm to put into practice and ProFi Of this moment in the orgasmic joy of living. Possibility of dancing. I will also propose you verbal processes of clearing on joy, sexuality, sexualness and relations between men and women to allow you to take your full expansion and facilitate the connection to whom you really are and to the miracle that you are … I will make you discover or rediscover the energies of the symphonies of possibilities to open to the fields of all possible and many other surprises with the movement of the body and the guidance of my voice. This workshop is aimed both at men and women for even more fun, sharing laughter! Prerequisites: Access Bars Training and be open to FUN, orgasmic joy, shares, sweetness and benevolence:)
8 July in Marseille (full)

August 19 at the Annecy Lake (full) 15 September: 180 euros before 15 August and 200 euros then 4 November: 180 euros before 20 October then 200 euros

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for more information: isabellegirard.contact@gmail.com See the dates in the Calendar section of my website